Batwing sleeves

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, October 27, 2011
Dress: Ross
Belt: Came with dress, I made it smaller
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Charity garage sale

This is the other dress that I bought at Ross recently.  Also a small-scale abstract black & white print. I called them batwing sleeves and then wondered why I would say that. Is it a real name of a sleeve? I’m no chiroptologist, so I might be way off base here, but these don’t look like a bat’s wings to me. (Yes, that’s the name for somebody who studies bats, thanks internet!)

I had to make the stretchy elastic belt smaller so it would stay at my waist, which I accomplished by folding it in half, sewing 1/2 inch from the fold, and cutting the extra on the other side of the seam, shortening the whole thing.  There’s now a seam in the center of the back, which will be fine by me if I ever even think of it again.

No, I didn’t change my hair color.  These pictures were taken at night with a flash and the lighting just makes it look darker.  Or maybe this is the usual appearance and it just looks lighter in the daytime photos? That’s just, like, your perception, man, there is no real and unreal, it’s all just what you’re perceiving.


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