Retired from public service

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Dress: $1 Goodwill, refashioned
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target

I’ve only worn this dress a few times and I remember it being a bit longer and of a weightier material. It’s retiring from professional life to spend more time with its family, pursue its interest in golf and oil painting, and finally go on that sailing trip in the Virgin Islands that it was always saying was a dream for “one day”.

I dropped a file in my cubicle.  I crouched down to reach it and as I stood up the corner of the folder caught the bottom of my dress, lifting it as I stood. Due to the lightweight material, it took me half a second to realize that my skirt wasn’t resting against my legs anymore.  Because it was caught on the file. Which I was holding at hip level.

It was one of those dreams where you show up to the important meeting and you’re naked, or you can’t get into the classroom because for some godforsaken reason you’re not wearing pants.  It was like that, except in real life, with the blessing of nobody walking past my cubicle, or anybody did see me from afar during that instant of professional revelation they’ve been polite enough to never look me in the eye again. Now let us never speak of this and move on.


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