Skirt organization

These are my skirts, all of the ones I wear to the office.

After I wear a skirt I hang it up on the far right side so that I can keep track of when I’m wearing something and try to mix it up a little if I’m repeating too much. Tops don’t receive the same treatment for two reasons: 1) shirts usually get washed after each wearing while skirts can be taken out a few times first, and 2) they’re arranged by color.

Aren’t your skirts arranged more or less by color? I mean, look at that! you say. Nope, that was entirely accidental. My skirts self-selected into warm and cool tones over time.


November 11, 2011. Tags: , . Pictures, Words.

One Comment

  1. ana5059 replied:

    You have a lot of skirts!!
    I also put the dresses or the skirt hiden after use them, so I can see others to wear.

    I like your work!!

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