Baby shower

I wore this dress to a baby shower last week followed by church the next day and I felt quite ladylike — I even had a lacy slip underneath! It was my first baby shower outside of a work breakroom and it was pretty much what I expected: nibbles and snacks, cupcakes, guessing the circumference of the guest of honor’s belly using a strip of toilet paper, attempting to collect as many tiny pink clothespins as you could by catching other people saying the forbidden word “baby”, lots of squealing “ohmigawd that’s SO CUUUUUte” at each ruffly pink miniature skirt or onesie with sassy phrases. I didn’t really participate in that last one, actually, mustering up commentary the best I could (“Stripes!”, “That tutu will be perfect for her 6-month dance recital”, “oh look!”, “There’s a flower right on the bum of that onesie, ha ha!”).

Due to a grave miscalculation on my part, I ended up sitting next to the pregnant woman (rows of chairs were lined up like an audience facing a different direction, I assumed she would be opening gifts over there!) and probably in the background of all the pictures. I tried to look pleasant and attractive and attentive the entire time because I didn’t know when somebody was taking a photo.

May 28, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , . Pictures, Projects, What I Wore to Work Today, Words.

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  1. niftythriftygoodwill replied:

    WOW what a transformation! looks great

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