Car maintenance

This is what I wore today, including when changing the headlight bulb on my car, except then I had on black flip-flops instead of these new shiny red espadrille wedges. A shirtless dude came out to his patio 10 feet away to smoke a cigarette. “What’s wrong with your car?” he asked.

“I’m changing the headlight,” I replied, wrestling to remove the burned out bulb.

“Headlight, huh, that should be just a couple little tabs to get it out,” he offered. “Do you have a new bulb?”

“Yep. [Why would I be taking out the old one if I hadn’t already purchased the new one?] The bulb seems to be stuck, though. Not a problem, I’ll win with brute force,” I said.

He watched the rest of the process in what I assume was silent appreciation. I checked that both headlights flashed when unlocking and locking the car, closed the hood, and wiped my hands on a towel. I pulled my sunglasses down from the top of my head and walked away.

I nodded at the spectator. “Victory,” I said, and he nodded back.

What I Wore Today: Sunday, June 3, 2012
Shirt: Yesterday’s half-off day at Goodwill (it’s actually navy in real life)
Shorts: $1 day Goodwill, chopped a year ago from the jeans below but not worn much until recently because they used to be too tight
Belt: Target, new today
Shoes: Target, new
Sunglasses: Target, new
Lipcolor: Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in Frenzy, new

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  1. niftythriftygoodwill replied:

    love those cutoffs! cute 🙂

  2. When pants become shorts « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] month, for those times when I wanted to be wearing shorts and be super classy. Sometimes denim cutoffs don’t quite meet […]

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