A beautiful tan

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Cardigan: Target
Camisole: Target
Skirt: Target
Belt: Gift from Sarah
Shoes: Payless

Here are the shoes I described yesterday as “beigey nude”. They’re approximately my flesh color, and will become more so as my tan fades into the winter. Ha, my “tan”. I have been described as porcelain, alabaster, white, cream, pale, fair, translucent, ghost-like, eggshell, milky, and Children of the Corn.


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Shoe shopping spree

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, August 20, 2012
Shirt: Hand-me-down from a friend
Skirt: Goodwill, shortened
Shoes: Payless

I bought four pairs of shoes, two of which are the same style in different colors (black and beigey nude). Three of them are acceptable for the office (my office, anyway, where open-toe shoes are fine and nobody wears pantyhose), and the last is more appropriate for evening. Finally, I own a pair of dressy black heels that I didn’t wear to prom in April 2000.


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When pants become shorts


I made myself a pair of shorts before my San Diego vacation earlier this month, for those times when I wanted to be wearing shorts and be super classy. Sometimes denim cutoffs don’t quite meet code.

In other news, after a clothes shopping trip at Target over the weekend, I now own over a dozen of these scoop- and v-neck tshirts. I already had quite a few and  and I decided to acknowledge and embrace what was happening.


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More scavenging

What I Wore to Work Today: Thursday, August 17
Shirt: My friend’s closet
Jeans: Goodwill, hemmed
Sneakers: Payless

This is another shirt I took when helping my friend clean out her wardrobe. I’m not entirely sold on it, I’ll try wearing it again and see what I think. I’m perpetually in search of a nice classic white button-down and haven’t yet found one I really like.


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Basil: not so much

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, August 14, 2012
Blouse: Gift from Sarah
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Goodwill, shortened
Shoes: Target

The basil didn’t make it. At the time of this post, there was a single sprig left with four barely-green leaves.


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Basil: still alive

What I Wore to Work Today: August 2, 2012
Shirt: Target
Pants: Goodwill, $1 Thursday
Shoes: Payless

This is the last picture I took before I went on vacation: I left my apartment Friday night and returned Sunday evening over a week later. I asked my friend to water the basil plant twice when she was over feeding the fish. Even though she lives in the same apartment complex, I wasn’t going to request the almost-daily waterings it would probably require to make it through the August heat. And it turned out to be a record-setting heat wave: 8 straight days of low temperatures above 90 degrees, 9 consecutive days above 110, new Aug. 8 record of 117…

While I was enjoying Mission Beach in San Diego, the basil was soldiering through. Stay tuned to find out if it survived. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.


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Clothing Vulture

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Shirt: My friend’s closet
Skirt: Goodwill, refashioned
Belt: Ross, came with a dress
Shoes: Payless

I periodically help one friend clean out her wardrobe. I enjoy the sense of cleansing and relief, she enjoys the organization and free assistance.

This particular button-down shirt has been in my sights for a few years now. It has tiny metallic threads running through it and a belt of the same fabric (which I’m not using in the picture). During each purge I’d hold it up and say, “What about this, I’ve never seen you wear it…” She would try it on, realize it looked nice, and put it back into the closet where it would hang, unworn, until our next cleanout.

This time she relented and admitted it should go in the giveaway pile because she simply wasn’t going to wear it. I swooped in on the shirt-carrion like a vulture. An eager, delighted vulture.


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Clothes envy

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, July 30, 2012
Blouse: Ross
Pants: Goodwill, $1 Thursday
Shoes: Payless

At the grocery store on the way home, the clerk asked if I was on the way home from the office. “You look great, I wish I could dress like that every day at work,” she said wistfully.

The dress code at my office is business casual, with regular casual on Fridays when jeans, sneakers, and sports jerseys are acceptable. Or, you can pay $1 per day to the charity of the quarter and wear casual attire on regular days, too; on any given day maybe 1/3 of the office is wearing jeans. I’ve taken advantage of that once in the past 4 months.

like dressing up a bit for work. I enjoy feeling like a professional 30-year-old in the financial services industry. I also like not spending $20 each month for the privilege of wearing jeans. I could buy two Chipotle dinners, with chips and guacamole, for that amount!


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One month ago today

What I Wore to Work Today: Friday, July 20, 2012
Tshirt: Target
Jeans: Goodwill, hemmed
Shoes: Payless

One month ago today I wore trouser jeans to work and probably read the internet for 3 hours of my 8-hour workday, maintaining the same productive output as my coworkers. It’s been awhile and I can’t say for sure what that day entatiled. It’s a pretty good guess though.


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