Shopping trip

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, August 27, 2012
Dress: Target, new
Shoes: Payless

After helping my friend clean out her wardrobe in preparation for a move and a new job with professional attire, I decided that I too wanted to go shopping. I figured I’d start with Target and a couple gift cards I’ve been hoarding. (“Thank you for all the great work this quarter, you really helped me hit my numbers! Here’s a token of appreciation that, while significant for you, is a small fraction of my bonus,” said the field sales rep.)

I took myself to Target and bought several dresses on clearance, a stack of tshirts, a sweater, and some running shorts. New shoes, new clothes, new workout routine, new calculus class. Fall 2012, baby.

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  1. ana5059 replied:

    Nice dress!!!

  2. Fan in MN replied:

    I got someone to smile when I read him/her your bonus statement.

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