Who is this??

Hello? Who is this? How did you get my number?

Looks like somebody decided to restart the ol’ blogaroonie, which means sorting through a backlog of pictures from over a year ago. Luckily (?) there’s maybe only a month or so of What I Wore to Work Today photos before it seemed to fade out as a thing I was doing, which means catching up is feasible. In theory. WordPress has new and confusing features (what font is this and how do I change it if that’s a thing I want to do??) and it will be an exciting new project. Or, a project that lasts exactly one day. We’ll talk again in January 2016.

What I Wore to Work Today: September 3, 2013
Dress: Ann Taylor, new
Belt: Target probably
Shoes: Payless

This was my first day in a new position at work as a Contract Analyst, a delicious title. I always wanted to be something with the word Analyst. I decided to buy some new clothes to recognize the new position and celebrate my promotion, improving my wardrobe with attire appropriate to a financial services industry professional in her early 30s (I was 31 at the time of this picture). There had come a time in my life when I wanted to wear clothes sometimes that were not from Target or Goodwill, and I was prepared to spend literally hundreds of dollars to do it. Over a year later, we’ll journey together to see how I did.



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