Making progress – October is here!

What I Wore to Work Today: October 1, 2013
Shirt: Taken during a friend’s closet cleanout
Pants: Goodwill, refashioned

These pants are gone and the shirt is going in the giveaway basket when it comes out of the laundry. I like how it looks but when I wore this week (this week in real time, not still-2013-picture-time) the metallic threads irritated my skin. Maybe somebody else won’t experience the same sensitivity.

Stay strong, friends, we’re making progress! We’ve made it to October, a new month! Eventually we’ll be looking at 2014 pictures and then finally, god willing, 2015!! I am going to start mixing in quilt pictures too, because I transferred photos from my camera and found the stack of finished quilt pictures. I forgot that my assistant gamely spent 20 minutes holding quilt after quilt so I could start sending them off. Which I did for a few. But, uh, there are definitely 6 quilts folded neatly on my dining table right now. Hey, at least they’re folded. They were in a messy stack for the few months before that.

2015 has been about taking care of little tasks that have been waiting for a long time. Pretty soon I’ll be at a point when I can make decisions about the direction of this blog, which has a devoted readership of at least one person (hi Mom!). Also, maybe I can figure out why some of the pictures aren’t showing up Feedly. (Googler Reader, still missing you…) Until then, we’re working through the backlog.
gray trousers before

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  1. Sue and Sandy replied:

    Add us to your mom – we get a kick out of your pictures and comments!

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