Blue or purple

2015_03_10What I Wore to Work Today: March 10, 2015
Tshirt: Target
Pants: Goodwill
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Payless

This shirt photographed royal blue and in real life there’s more purple to it.

Last week a friend didn’t know what I meant by a casual a reference to The Dress. “Haha, yeah, the blue dress, Lewinsky!” We looked confused. “Her Gap dress? Right? That’s The Dress?” As previously mentioned, we’re all old now and sometimes forget that the ’90s were so long ago. This friend had somehow completely missed the most viral thing to happen even though she is in fact a user of the Internet. But not Facebook, which shouldn’t have made a difference when it was everywhere for a couple days. The other three of us realized the opportunity and didn’t say anything else that might taint her experience. We pulled up the image on a laptop and asked her to describe the dress, as one might do in a catalog.

“Uh, ok. Well, it’s a fancier sort of dress, it’s striped with lace, it’s blue and black–” at which point we interrupted her. “Ah! That’s all we need! ‘Blue and black’!” And then we explained it to her and talked about The Dress. The wiki entry says it’s also called Dressgate, which is dumb and I never heard anybody call it that and for the love of god can we stop adding the -gate suffix.

I came across the picture the first time with only the question “blue and black or white and gold?” as explanation. I clicked, looked at the picture, and waited for it to change. I thought it was a gif showing two color options that somebody was choosing between. So I sat looking at the blue and black dress waiting for the gif to start. I reloaded the page. Nothing happened. I was confused. “I don’t get it, what do you mean white and gold?” I started to see the references to “it’s white and gold!!!!1!!1” and was confused some more. “What is white and gold? Is there a second picture floating around in addition to this one?” I finally saw the “white and gold” appearance on a different device the next day.

When the in-real-life dress was confirmed to be blue and black, I felt relieved and pleased and vindicated. Then I sighed because that makes so much sense. I’m reading Excess Baggage by Judith Sills and my baggage is clear. She writes that there are five common types of baggage:

  • We need to be right.
  • We feel superior.
  • We dread rejection.
  • We create drama.
  • We cherish our anger.

I need to be right with a heavy dose of feeling superior. I’m halfway through the dreading rejection chapter and I don’t identify as much for me (while recognizing a good friend).

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Accidentally sheer


What I Wore to Work Today: March 9, 2015
Top: Ann Taylor, new
Pants: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

I learned that this t-shirt with a pleated section on the front turns somewhat sheer under a flash. I can see why celebrity pictures sometimes make it look like they’re wearing a see-through top, when in fact it was just lights of the red carpet or the aggressive paparazzi flashbulbs and the person (usually a woman) was wearing something that was not sheer in real life. That happened with this new top. I darkened the photo a little which hid the cool pleating details and revealed some spots on the lens.

When I wear this shirt to work in the future, I will also wear a tank top underneath it. In case it’s actually kinda sheer all the time and I didn’t realize it.

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What I Wore to Work Today: March 5, 2015
Cardigan: Target
Blouse: Gift from a friend
Pants: Goodwill
Pants: Belt
Shoes: Payless

Some bloggers post beautiful professional-quality pictures, taken by a real live human (often an actual professional photographer!) during a photo shoot and then the pictures are edited and touched up and posted to a professional quality blog. The amount of time that goes into those beautiful blogs astounds me. I know that for some of them it’s not just a little side thing they do because they’re self-absorbed or want documentation over the years or can’t seem to give up on leaving a mark on the world in however small a fashion because dreams of Doing Big Things died a long time ago and this is what they’ve got right now (uh, just some things that come to mind for me). Instead, it’s part of their primary work world as a boutique owner or it supports their DIY home improvement self-employment or they are full self-supporting as bloggers and freelance writers or it’s just something they do for fun that also brings in enough money to support itself and more.

This blog started in 2006 and has taken various turns over the years, including some gaps and disappearances. What I Wore to Work Today before that kind of real life fashion documentation become a whole genre on the internet. Documentation of sewing and craft projects. Sometimes personal anecdotes and thoughts and stories. Showcasing my Before & Afters during the years that I was refashioning regularly. I haven’t stopped refashions altogether, it’s just less common now, probably because I haven’t been leaving the house all that much and have fewer parties and social opportunities when I’d want to wear a fun new dress. Also, sewing time has shifted towards more quilts and less clothing.

I don’t have any plans to focus the content on a clear voice or topic or personal brand or target audience. The self-timer shots on the balcony wall are good enough. The scattered content works for me. It’s not going to capture the attention of a core readership or a dedicated following, but hey, I’m back to doing it and I like it. Talking to myself is fine by me for now.

2015_03_05 hand on hip

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Romeo + Juliet


What I Wore to Work Today: March 4, 2015
Shirt: Target
Pants: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

I’m listening to the Arms Full of Love Songza playlist and right now it’s playing I’m Kissing You (Love Theme from “Romeo + Juliet”) by Des’Ree. This movie was released the weekend of November 1, 1996, the same weekend I turned 15. I was a freshman in high school. I was part of the target market for this movie and we even studied Romeo & Juliet in English class that year. This movie is now 18 years old. It can vote, it can sign contracts, it is legally an adult. My god we’re all old.

Spoiler alert on the video: it totally shows the end of Romeo & Juliet.

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Boots before it’s too late


What I Wore to Work Today: March 3, 2015
Shirt: Goodwill
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Boots: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s
Belt: Target

A lot of the country is getting stir crazy with winter and is excited for the first hints of spring in March. We experience the opposite feelings here: warmer temperatures are accepted with resignation and sadness that Summer Is Coming. The first few weeks of March had unseasonably warm temps this year, too, with highs close to 90 instead of the perfect 70s that it should be. Millions of us live in the Phoenix metro area and we really shouldn’t, at least half the year the anyway. We’re wasteful with water and electricity and we’re all idiots.

I had barely worn my boots to work this winter and I wanted to get them in one at least once while temperatures were accommodating.

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Spring quilt retreat: yellow, gray, and seafoam green

chico quilt vertical

A year ago I attended my first quilt retreat at the Triangle Y Ranch in Oracle, AZ. I loved it and vowed to attend more retreats in the future and to create my own “quilt retreats” at home where I dedicate two days to sewing and only sewing. It’s easier at an isolated camp setting with minimal cell service and unreliable wifi than it is at home with the usual home distractions and demands: a weird little white dog that needs walks and meals, laundry and chores that sit waiting for attention, internet that’s always right there…

I brought a small stack of new fabric in light greens, blues, and yellows. “I’ll help carry the rest of your stuff!” the other women said when I arrived. I had everything in one bag and my sewing machine in my other hand, there was no “rest of my stuff”. They delighted in my minimalism. I finished three baby quilt tops over the long weekend.

This quilt is made of six blocks that I arranged to create secondary pattern stars. I didn’t have enough fabric to make it a full 3×3 so settled for 3×2 in proportions that I wouldn’t choose on my own, The Quilter’s Recipe Book by Celia Eddy is fantastic and I highly recommend it, especially for new quilters. I gave this quilt to somebody at my improv theater and he asked if I had confirmed the crib size with his wife since it was exactly the right dimensions. Nope, just the universe doing its thing.

chico quilt back

chico quilt horizontal

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Not a three-piece suit

What I Wore to Work Today: March 2, 2015
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

These pants are part of my new suit. I have yet to wear them at the same time as the suit jacket. I keep trying to call it a three-piece suit because I bought a jacket, pants, and a skirt. Three pieces! Except that’s not what a three-piece suit means, and really, maybe I should stop trying to call it anything, this suit conversation just isn’t going to happen, especially when I wear the pieces separately. Unless somebody does want to talk suiting with me? Any lawyers out there who wear suits in court and have several options in rotation and want to talk about how they built their suit collection?

2015_03_02 hands on hips

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Store loyal


What I Wore to Work Today: February 27, 2015
Everything: Target

I go to Target a lot. I buy clothes there, I buy toiletries there, I buy over the counter medicine there, I buy household goods and products like pillows and towels and laundry detergent and air filters and baking pans, sometimes I even buy groceries there. It’s only a mile down the road and on the way to or from many of my regular places like work and my improv theater. Actually, there’s a Target right across the street from the theater, so when I run an errand on the way to rehearsal or shows I usually go to my secondary Target instead of my primary Target. Yesterday I went to my tertiary Target. I’m not quite certain how it came to this, having a tertiary Target and all, and yet here I am. I won’t pretend otherwise.

Ann Taylor is steadily taking hold in my closet for nicer work clothes. During the Great Underthings Replacement of Fall 2014 Victoria’s Secret took over the market share. Most of my shoes at this point are from Payless, thanks to being non-leather and inexpensive. I have realized that my entire wardrobe comes from a handful of stores, those listed above and also Goodwill. In fact, new Ann Taylor and Payless items will be featured in upcoming posts. The new Victoria’s Secret items won’t be, however. (Hi Mom and Aunt Sue and Uncle Sandy!)

2015_02_27 leaning

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What I Wore to Work Today: February 26, 2015
Shirt: Target
Pants: Goodwill
Necklace: Target
Watch: Target, new
Earrings: Charming Charlie’s
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

There’s my dog again, she has come out to the balcony a few times to see what’s happening. I’m wearing nothing special, is what’s happening.

I bought a new watch, something small and inexpensive and nice enough to wear with nice outfits. My other watch with a non-broken wristband is a velcro band sports stopwatch, so it wasn’t a high bar to clear. I usually don’t wear a watch unless I have a specific reason to do so: going out for lunch, taking public transportation, running.

2015_02_26 dog

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Dividing by zero


What I Wore to Work Today: February 25, 2015
Jacket: Ann Taylor, new
Tshirt: Target
Pants: Target
Belt: Target
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Payless

Hey look, there’s my dog.

I can’t remember if I have worn this jacket yet in pictures here. It’s the jacket part of the suit I finally bought last November after saying for years that I needed to buy a real suit, one that comes in petite sizes to avoid the child-playing-at-adulthood look that can happen with a small young-looking woman. So there I was on Black Friday, perusing Ann Taylor’s website and guessing at which pants style I should buy (6 variations based on trouser vs straight leg and traditional vs modern vs city fits). So far I have been wearing the pants (trouser leg, modern fit) and jacket as separates, which the internet tells me is OK and TERRIBLE, depending on which website I ask. I haven’t actually worn the skirt yet, making its cost-per-wear incalculable. ($Price / # Wears = $50/0 = ???)

When I was in elementary school I dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize in Mathematics for determining how to divide by zero. My innocent little self didn’t yet know that 1) there isn’t a Nobel Prize in Mathematics and I should have been dreaming of the Fields Medal, 2) the Fields Medal had not been award to a woman until 2014, and 3) dreams that big would not be part of my life. Sorry to disappoint you, 9-year-old self.

This depressing message brought to you by the migraine that lived forever.

I’m ok, just worn out. Things will be better soon, before this post hits the presses even.

2015_02_25 no dog

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