Almost up to date!


What I Wore to Work Today: February 2, 2015
Shirt: Taken from a friend during her wardrobe clean-out
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: Gift from a different friend
Shoes: Payless

Congratulations everybody, we made it through the stockpile and have caught up! It’s 2015! We made it! I started taking pictures again during these weeks when I was working my way through the old 2013 stuff, so once again I have a small backlog. No biggie, though, I’ve figured out a groove of editing photos and scheduling a week’s worth of posts at once. I don’t take a picture every day, so we’ll be all the way up to date before long.

Note the plant situation. The big planter still has basil, and new rosemary. The rosemary hasn’t died yet nor has it started growing. Still waiting to see what happens there. The smaller pot on the right side of the picture is impatiens that hasn’t bloomed since, oh, probably November, when the flowers were visible in the last post.

I didn’t remove my office badge before taking these pictures. I usually clip it on my pants pocket or skirt waistband. It needs to be visible but it’s not required to be above the waist; some people use lanyards, many attach it to belt loops using a retractable leash clip like mine, for easier badge access at the doors. This shirt has epaulette shoulder strap details that provided an excellent spot for the clip that avoids both clip-skin contact, which can be irritating, and the direct chest placement, which I prefer to avoid.

2015_02_02 straight on

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