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What I Wore to Work Today: February 27, 2015
Everything: Target

I go to Target a lot. I buy clothes there, I buy toiletries there, I buy over the counter medicine there, I buy household goods and products like pillows and towels and laundry detergent and air filters and baking pans, sometimes I even buy groceries there. It’s only a mile down the road and on the way to or from many of my regular places like work and my improv theater. Actually, there’s a Target right across the street from the theater, so when I run an errand on the way to rehearsal or shows I usually go to my secondary Target instead of my primary Target. Yesterday I went to my tertiary Target. I’m not quite certain how it came to this, having a tertiary Target and all, and yet here I am. I won’t pretend otherwise.

Ann Taylor is steadily taking hold in my closet for nicer work clothes. During the Great Underthings Replacement of Fall 2014 Victoria’s Secret took over the market share. Most of my shoes at this point are from Payless, thanks to being non-leather and inexpensive. I have realized that my entire wardrobe comes from a handful of stores, those listed above and also Goodwill. In fact, new Ann Taylor and Payless items will be featured in upcoming posts. The new Victoria’s Secret items won’t be, however. (Hi Mom and Aunt Sue and Uncle Sandy!)

2015_02_27 leaning

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