What I Wore to Work Today: March 5, 2015
Cardigan: Target
Blouse: Gift from a friend
Pants: Goodwill
Pants: Belt
Shoes: Payless

Some bloggers post beautiful professional-quality pictures, taken by a real live human (often an actual professional photographer!) during a photo shoot and then the pictures are edited and touched up and posted to a professional quality blog. The amount of time that goes into those beautiful blogs astounds me. I know that for some of them it’s not just a little side thing they do because they’re self-absorbed or want documentation over the years or can’t seem to give up on leaving a mark on the world in however small a fashion because dreams of Doing Big Things died a long time ago and this is what they’ve got right now (uh, just some things that come to mind for me). Instead, it’s part of their primary work world as a boutique owner or it supports their DIY home improvement self-employment or they are full self-supporting as bloggers and freelance writers or it’s just something they do for fun that also brings in enough money to support itself and more.

This blog started in 2006 and has taken various turns over the years, including some gaps and disappearances. What I Wore to Work Today before that kind of real life fashion documentation become a whole genre on the internet. Documentation of sewing and craft projects. Sometimes personal anecdotes and thoughts and stories. Showcasing my Before & Afters during the years that I was refashioning regularly. I haven’t stopped refashions altogether, it’s just less common now, probably because I haven’t been leaving the house all that much and have fewer parties and social opportunities when I’d want to wear a fun new dress. Also, sewing time has shifted towards more quilts and less clothing.

I don’t have any plans to focus the content on a clear voice or topic or personal brand or target audience. The self-timer shots on the balcony wall are good enough. The scattered content works for me. It’s not going to capture the attention of a core readership or a dedicated following, but hey, I’m back to doing it and I like it. Talking to myself is fine by me for now.

2015_03_05 hand on hip

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  1. Sue and Sandy replied:

    Finding mention of this book, “Love, Loss and What I Wore ” is perhaps not so unusual as I thought, although you were talking more of blogs. This is a book from 1995 by Ilene Beckerman. What is fun about your blog as well as this book is the comments that go along with what you wore.

  2. ktmade replied:

    It’s awesome when you know (and accept) who you are and what works for you. Well done.

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