Blue or purple

2015_03_10What I Wore to Work Today: March 10, 2015
Tshirt: Target
Pants: Goodwill
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Payless

This shirt photographed royal blue and in real life there’s more purple to it.

Last week a friend didn’t know what I meant by a casual a reference to The Dress. “Haha, yeah, the blue dress, Lewinsky!” We looked confused. “Her Gap dress? Right? That’s The Dress?” As previously mentioned, we’re all old now and sometimes forget that the ’90s were so long ago. This friend had somehow completely missed the most viral thing to happen even though she is in fact a user of the Internet. But not Facebook, which shouldn’t have made a difference when it was everywhere for a couple days. The other three of us realized the opportunity and didn’t say anything else that might taint her experience. We pulled up the image on a laptop and asked her to describe the dress, as one might do in a catalog.

“Uh, ok. Well, it’s a fancier sort of dress, it’s striped with lace, it’s blue and black–” at which point we interrupted her. “Ah! That’s all we need! ‘Blue and black’!” And then we explained it to her and talked about The Dress. The wiki entry says it’s also called Dressgate, which is dumb and I never heard anybody call it that and for the love of god can we stop adding the -gate suffix.

I came across the picture the first time with only the question “blue and black or white and gold?” as explanation. I clicked, looked at the picture, and waited for it to change. I thought it was a gif showing two color options that somebody was choosing between. So I sat looking at the blue and black dress waiting for the gif to start. I reloaded the page. Nothing happened. I was confused. “I don’t get it, what do you mean white and gold?” I started to see the references to “it’s white and gold!!!!1!!1” and was confused some more. “What is white and gold? Is there a second picture floating around in addition to this one?” I finally saw the “white and gold” appearance on a different device the next day.

When the in-real-life dress was confirmed to be blue and black, I felt relieved and pleased and vindicated. Then I sighed because that makes so much sense. I’m reading Excess Baggage by Judith Sills and my baggage is clear. She writes that there are five common types of baggage:

  • We need to be right.
  • We feel superior.
  • We dread rejection.
  • We create drama.
  • We cherish our anger.

I need to be right with a heavy dose of feeling superior. I’m halfway through the dreading rejection chapter and I don’t identify as much for me (while recognizing a good friend).

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