Fate of the beanie babies


What I Wore to Work Today: March 12, 2015
Blouse:  Ann Taylor
Pants: Goodwill
Shoes: Payless

Last summer my mother mailed me a beanie baby she found, Ziggy the zebra date of birth 12-24-95, thinking my dog might enjoy playing with it. For some reason Asha doesn’t like it — she’ll chase it, start to pick it up, and then leave it. Something about the smell or or weight or texture, maybe? A different beanie baby gift this spring passes muster, Strut the chicken date of birth 3-8-96, so it’s a mystery.

asha toy basket

Somebody carefully archived these two toys in mint condition, daydreaming about the piles of money they’d make one day on their investment. Twenty years later, these beanie babies are hanging out in a small dog’s toy basket, not even on the Top 5 Favorite Toys list. Bird then Chipmunk are in the lead by far, as you can see in the pictures below. Then Mousey, Duckfront, and a tie between Duckbutt and tennis balls. The original duck was too big to interest her so I cut and sewed it into two pieces. Edited to add: I found a Before picture of the poor duck on my phone!

asha bird and chipmunkasha bird and chipmunk sleeping

asha duckfront and duckbutt beforeasha duckfront and duckbutt

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  1. Sue and Sandy replied:

    Why do I gulp a bit to see duck’s insides missing? But lucky Asha to have so many toys from which to choose!

  2. llamas55 replied:

    Poor, poor Ducky Unlucky. You’re right, the zebra was stashed for 20 years in the chest your great grandfather made, that now resides at cousin Debbie’s house. The rooster came from a house chock full of cats where our dulcimer player lives, and she was bagging up extra stuff…maybe the cat smell is a draw. Your doggy looks very happy. The duck, not so much.

  3. Robert Caron replied:

    My x brother in- law’s sister sold beanie baby’s in large quantities as a wholesaler. There garage was filled with them. I don’t know for sure, but feel they probably got wiped out when the bottom fell out of the market.

  4. ktmade replied:

    That duck front/duck butt totally cracks me up. It was so smart to cut it rather than just throw it into the pile of toys that didn’t make it.

    Also, how crazy was that beanie baby craze? What an odd blip.

  5. rabbitstylenews replied:

    I found a Before picture of the duck on my phone! I added it.

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