Jeggings (!!!)

2015_03_30 working from home

What I Wore to Work From Home Today:
Tank top: Target
Jeggings: American Eagle, new

I get to work from home once a month or so. The original plan was to be remote 1-2 days a week, I’ve cut it back because it’s nice to have two full monitors and a mouse instead of a laptop with a touchpad. Also, I’ve been facing some motivation challenges and it’s easier these days to stay on track when I’m in my cubicle. I’m remote when there’s a specific need, like an appointment or migraine issues. This day I was at home so my car could go get new tires.

I’ve been a steadfast bootcut pants and flare (flare!) supporter since high school. I finally bought a pair of skinny jeans from Target several months ago, under some duress.

These American Eagle jeggings kept showing up in my feed. A Pretty Penny has stocked up with multiple pairs. The low-rise version was seen on Camp Patton.

So I said ok, I will buy some, time to venture into new territory.

First, I couldn’t find the store in the mall directory. Eventually I located it under the Teen Apparel category. Good start. “The bloggers recommending these pants are not teens, they’re 30ish women too!” I insisted to my shopping companion. Then, the store was playing music from 2002-2010. We can’t possibly be targeting the ’00s as a style reference already, can we? It still feels weird to me to see all the ’90s styles that have been coming back around, worn by people who don’t remember them the first time.

I’ve been enjoying the jeggings so far, in blue and also black. They’re comfortable.


What I Wore to Work Today: April 1, 2015
Blouse: Ross, new
Pants: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

Hey look it’s another day of work clothes, this time regular office attire. Doubling up until I’m back to the present, at which point maybe I’ll start writing again.

2015_04_01 back view2015_04_01 watching humminbird

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