Making up for it

2015_03_18-001What I Wore to Work Today: March 18, 2015
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target, new
Belt: Target, new
Shoes: Payless

I wore a dress with bits of green to make up for forgetting St. Patrick’s Day the day before.

2015_03_18 hands on hips

2015_03_18 hands upMy camera takes multiple pictures in a row. Sometimes it catches me in the middle of adjusting my glasses or hair.

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This isn’t green

2015_03_18What I Wore to Work Today: March 17, 2015
Blouse: Forever 21, new
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless, new

I passed a woman in a kelly green shirt on the way to coffee. “What a beautiful color, a little out of the ordinary for her, doesn’t she usually wear a lot of neutrals?” I thought. Behind her was another woman in green. “And look, the next person is also wearing green, what are the odds!” A minute later there’s a man in a green plaid shirt putting something in the fridge. “Oh my god it’s St. Patrick’s Day.”

I wasn’t wearing any green, anywhere. All those people participating in a fun little tradition and there I was in my stupid brown tweed skirt and my stupid new black bow-neck blouse and my stupid new black pumps.

2015_03_17 pushing up sleeve

2015_03_17 unstable legs

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A world outside the balcony

2015_03_16 asha tongueWhat I Wore to Work Today: March 16, 2015
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Pants: Banana Republic, new
Shoes: Payless

I bought new pants that are ankle length, which I had always thought of as an ugly and unflattering style of pants. When I finally bought jeggings, joining the world of skinny pants just as hints of returning bootcut and flares and wideleg are in the air, I also bought some ankle-length pants. (I bought a bunch of things that week in a frenzy of spending.) After a couple wearings they were loose and a little, well, saggy, in the seat. They recently came out of the dryer truly legging tight and I realized I probably wouldn’t be wearing them to work again.

Hey look, a few pictures that aren’t on my balcony! I wrangled a photographer to take a few photos outside!

2015_03_16 outside2015_03_16 looking at dog2015_03_16 balcony2015_03_16 modeling

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Fate of the beanie babies


What I Wore to Work Today: March 12, 2015
Blouse:  Ann Taylor
Pants: Goodwill
Shoes: Payless

Last summer my mother mailed me a beanie baby she found, Ziggy the zebra date of birth 12-24-95, thinking my dog might enjoy playing with it. For some reason Asha doesn’t like it — she’ll chase it, start to pick it up, and then leave it. Something about the smell or or weight or texture, maybe? A different beanie baby gift this spring passes muster, Strut the chicken date of birth 3-8-96, so it’s a mystery.

asha toy basket

Somebody carefully archived these two toys in mint condition, daydreaming about the piles of money they’d make one day on their investment. Twenty years later, these beanie babies are hanging out in a small dog’s toy basket, not even on the Top 5 Favorite Toys list. Bird then Chipmunk are in the lead by far, as you can see in the pictures below. Then Mousey, Duckfront, and a tie between Duckbutt and tennis balls. The original duck was too big to interest her so I cut and sewed it into two pieces. Edited to add: I found a Before picture of the poor duck on my phone!

asha bird and chipmunkasha bird and chipmunk sleeping

asha duckfront and duckbutt beforeasha duckfront and duckbutt

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What I Wore to Work Today: March 11, 2015
Blouse: Goodwill, dollar day
Pants: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

My brother was staying for a week in my sewing room that turns into a guest room with a nice queen size air bed. I warned him that my dryer was out of commission and to do laundry he’d need to take it to a laundromat a couple miles up the street or to another brother’s house nearby. Instead, one day there were damp clothes hanging all around the balcony: doorknob, hook, light fixture, bike handlebars, plant shelves, even the tire pump leaning against the wall.

“Uh, did you wipe everything off first?” I asked. “It’s all coated in a thick layer of Arizona dust and pollen.”
“You could say that my damp clothes wiped it off for me,” he said.

A clothesline out there could be useful in the summer, when 115 degree heat and 7% humidity would dry items quickly. Maybe some hooks or rings screwed into the walls and corner column would provide anchor points for removable or temporary lines. Add it to my someday projects list.

This bright pink blouse has pleats on the front and it buttons up the back. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the back. It was on the chopping block and I decided to keep it another round. (Does the phrase “on the chopping block” originally refer to beheadings? So dark.)

2015_03_11 hands on hips

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