Catching up


What I Wore to Work Today: April 10, 2015
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Tshirt: Target
Jeggings: American Eagle
Shoes: Payless

I have plans for when I’m caught up. Add blog writing, start new projects, finish old projects, read a new book. I’ve been working through stragglers on To Do Lists, like all the little steps that led to finally mailing a bushel of baby quilts at the beginning of the week: finish quilting #3, add binding to #4, wash quilts, attach labels, etc. etc. and even after the quilts themselves were finished there was still so much to do like email person A to get address, email person B to confirm new address, package into boxes, take to the post office, oh my god why did I put it on the list as just one line “mail baby quilts”.

Then there’s the continuous stream of maintenance tasks every day: wash dishes, put away dishes, do laundry, put away clean clothes, take out the garbage, take out the recycle, clean bathroom. I paid for a professional to come for two hours in January (maybe it was January?) to clean my bathrooms and the kitchen. I have been doing a better job keeping on top of it since then, knowing that it was sparkling clean earlier this year and doesn’t have years of filth layered on filth.

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