New “Vaccuum”

What I Wore to Work Today: May 12, 2015
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Payless
Badge: Employer
Watch: Target


My new vacuum arrived today and it’s delightful. As warned in the Amazon reviews, the canister needs to be emptied frequently because of its relatively small size and how well it works to pull up stuff from the carpet. I loved it. “Oh my god look how much it’s already sucked up in just one minute in this little area in the living room! These carpets are filthy! It’s so satisfying! Imma vacuum every week now!”

Here’s where I wonder if increasing my vacuuming frequency to every week is shameful. A Good Morning America tip of the day I just found says “Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic will need to be vacuumed daily or twice weekly, depending on the number of feet walking your carpet.” Are there people who vacuum daily, people who aren’t homemakers? If I were a homemaker and not just non-employed I probably have higher standards, since keeping the home would be my job.

In February 1995 I was in the middle school spelling bee. Two things happened that evening: 1) I was eliminated on the word “vacuum”, incorrectly adding a second C in there, and 2) I got my period for the first time an hour before going to the bee. Let’s all agree that 7th grade is a tough time.

2015_05_12 hand in motion

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