Talking to other humans


What I Wore to Work Today: May 18, 2015
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless

Earlier this week at work I was getting my things together to leave the office for the day and I realized I hadn’t spoken aloud to another human, in person, all day. I talked to my dog in the morning, I had a few short calls with my boss (she’s based in an office two time zones* away), and I chatted with somebody over IM. Then, “Wait, that’s not true! I talked to the man in the break area! I interacted with other humans!” Yes, yes I did. Here is the transcript of our complete conversation.

Repairman: Oh, sorry. [starts to move cart with tools]
Me: No, you’re fine, it’s not in the way.

Bam, that’s some solid human person live interaction right there!

2015_05_18 hand on hip

*Right now it’s two time zones, during the winter it’s just one. Arizona is always on Mountain Standard Time because we don’t observe Daylight Saving Time (except for the Navajo Nation, which does and so is sometimes on Mountain Daylight Time). When everybody else leaps forward to Daylight Saving Time, we stay the same, so it’s like we switch from Mountain to Pacific Time. Except we are always on Mountain Standard Time, which is the same thing as Pacific Daylight Time. When Daylight Saving Time is over, our time zone lines up with everybody else in Mountain once again, because they are back to Mountain Standard Time instead of Mountain Daylight Time.

Everybody thinks we’re the ones changing — “How many hours behind us are you right now?? You’re always switching!” — when really we stay the same and all the other time zones move forward and back around us. There’s a lesson about perspective somewhere in there.

A mnemonic I tell people to help them remember: in the winter you ski in the mountains and we’re on Mountain Time. In the summer you go to the beach and we’re on beach AKA Pacific Time.

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  1. llamas55 replied:

    Good saying; maybe I’ll remember what time zone reference you are in now. I wish daylight savings would go the way of um, let’s see, Chicklet gum in little boxes.

    • rabbitstylenews replied:

      Glad it will work for you. It doesn’t help people who don’t know the time zones (“ok, so Mountain is how many hours behind Eastern?”) or geography (“Mississippi is Eastern time, right?”).

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