Situational Self Leadership

2015_05_20 hands in back pockets

What I Wore to a Seminar Today: May 20, 2015
Blouse: Xi?
Pants: Limited, new
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

Last month I attended a training seminar called Situational Self Leadership. The model was developed by the Ken Blanchard Companies, and my firm has licensed or purchased or contracted to present the materials in internal classes. It clicked for me and I’m already incorporating the model in my daily work and general development plans.

An individual can be assessed for each task, objective, or skill on two axes, competency and commitment.Competency includes the specific knowledge required for the goal plus transferable skills, while commitment is the combination of motivation and confidence. The four quadrants correspond to each step, D1-D4. Each dimension has a corresponding leadership style from a manager or leader: low competency needs high direction and low commitment needs high support. A mismatch between the individual’s current level and their approach or their leaders’ can hinder results, decrease engagement, and cause negative experiences.

Enthusiastic Beginner: Low Competence, High Commitment
Disillusioned Learner: Low-to-Some Competence, Low Commitment
Capable but Cautious Performer: Mid-to-High Competence, Variable Commitment
Self-Reliant Achiever: High Competence, High Commitment


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