Working from home


What I Wore to Work From Home Today: May 22, 2015
Tank top: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Target

I woke up suddenly at 6:30 a.m. this day because my dog desperately needed to go out. She was experiencing some… technical difficulties. I decided to log in to work at 7 a.m. because I was awake and up and might as well get started with my day. I worked from home in case the dog had continued problems, which she didn’t.

I rarely work from home anymore, only when there’s an unplanned negative event like migraines or dog emergencies. As I’m improving my work motivation and discipline, I plan to start incorporating scheduled remote days into my schedule again, maybe twice a month to start. My boss works remotely four days a week, a privilege she has earned through her tenure and performance. She has a full home office setup with docking station, monitors, keyboard, etc. I sit on my couch or sometimes at the dining table with my laptop. That’s one of the reasons I stopped asking for telecommuting days — some of my work is much easier with multiple screens and a mouse, and I’m not in a position to ask for the home office tools yet. Still, I’m ready to add the occasional remote day again and enjoy the benefits of working from home: total daily commute is 45 seconds instead of 45 minutes, my canine companion gets more human time, I can do laundry during the day, and I can sleep a little extra.

2015_05_22 hands on hips

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