coffeemaker race bib numbers

I bought a single-serve coffeemaker last month so that I too could blanket the earth with little K-cups. On weekends, anyway. During the workweek I have a cup of free office coffee and it’s only weekends and days off that Inow make myself delicious iced coffee as my caffeine hit: pint glass full of ice plus a teaspoon sugar, add coffee halfway, fill remainder with milk. Drink with a straw. The 6-oz coffee size makes two glasses.

In January I created an exercise chart, figuring I could fill the boxes by the end of February and buy myself a coffeemaker. It wasn’t until May that I finally made it. I just drew my next chart, still 20 boxes, without a title yet. What’s my reward after 20 workouts this time? Can I finish it by mid-July?? I like visual tracking systems. For example, I love adding a new race number to the fridge after each running event. I take a picture with the finisher’s medal and then hand the medal back; the number is my souvenir.


coffeemaker exercise chart

June 10, 2015. Tags: . Links, Pictures, Recipes, Words.

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  1. llamas55 replied:

    Great finish line visuals (I was awed by the sheer number) and reward incentive program. What, indeed, will the next exercise reward be?

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