Tyranny of sunshine

2015_05_27 turning

What I Wore to Work Today: May 27, 2015
Top: Ann Taylor                   Pants: Limited
Belt: Target                          Shoes: Payless

The marigolds, in the group of pots next to my left leg, are almost gone. The only direct sunlight comes in the morning for maybe an hour — this picture was a before-work photo, and you can the sunlight is already sliding away. For living in a city with around 300 sunny days per year, it sure is hard to get sun on my balcony.

Sure, all that sun sounds nice, especially if you’re from somewhere with serious winters. It gets old, though, I call it the tyranny of sunshine, cloudless sky after cloudless sky. A nice quiet rainy day would be nice, or even just some low clouds. To break up all those months and months of 100+ degrees, let’s say. One year, 2007 to be specific, we had 32 days when the highs reached 110+ degrees. It’s now mid-June and after a gentle early summer it’s finally coming in. Hahaha we’re all stupid why do we live here we sure are wasteful.


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  1. llamas55 replied:

    I wonder about coleus in heat…you have the perfect light. Some articles/reviews mentioned outdoor coleus in Phoenix…..they do like consistent and plentiful watering tho 🙂 http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/125/

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