Style Imitating Art: The Door Within

2016_08_16 SIA

What I Wore to Work Today: August 16, 2016
Dress: Macy’s, maybe?
Shoes: Payless

Loop Looks selected the Style Imitating Art piece this round: a painting she rescued from a dumpster, identified on the back as “The Door Within” by Jean Fetman. It’s a cool story, so read the details on her blog post.

Right away I thought of this dress, with the right colors and the brush-stroke abstract print. And hey, the garage door in the background is an accidental reference to the work’s title. I wore it to the office on Tuesday and then took pictures on Sunday minutes before a dust storm rolled in, as you can see in the bottom picture.2016_08_16 SIA art

2016_08_16 dust storm

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Style Imitating Art: Una and the Lion

2016_08_02 SIA patio

What I Wore to Work Today: August 2, 2016
Cardigan, Sleeveless Top, Necklace, Belt: Target
Pants: Limited
Shoes: Payless

Librarian for Life and Style selected this week’s piece, Una and the Lion by Briton Rivière. I find it interesting that the background trees looked much darker on whatever devices I viewed it on while coming up with ideas, resulting in the black foundation pieces of my interpretation. Just as well, I don’t have much (any?) brown, russet, dark olive green, etc. in my wardrobe.

I tried to get my dog in the picture to play the role of powerful lion or frolicking lamb and she was having none of it, disappearing back through the dog door.

2016_08_02 SIA art

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