1. Shane replied:

    Post more!!

  2. bob caron replied:

    Nice pictures.

  3. Bethany replied:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that nice comment – I really love yours, glad I stopped by!

  4. Stacey replied:

    I am short waisted and often wish the elastic waistband was a bit higher. (cobalt cover up, denim dress 05/11 fashion posts) When you raised the waist on the denim dress…. did you just cut off the bottom and reattach it higher?

  5. Sue Craig replied:

    We both love reading how you have refashioned your clothes. You are very skilled! When are you going to put it all together in a book???

  6. Jackie replied:

    Hello, I was looking at your website and am really impressed by the work that you do. I was wondering if you have quilts for sale? Particularly the Tetris quilt?

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