Carving up some Halloween pumpkins

Last week a couple friends came over and we carved us some pumpkins.  I made two: a standard jack-o-lantern, and I used a power drill on the other to make randomly spaced holes of different sizes.  She made Pac-Man chasing a ghost around the pumpkin, and Brandon did the facebook guy silhouette (the default image if somebody doesn’t have a picture in their profile).

We all wore a different Halloween-appropriate apron, which pleased me no end.  I enjoy my collection of aprons.  As we were getting started, Brandon asked, “Wait, so what do I do first here?” so we explained about cutting open the lid, leaving a notch to make it easy to replace correctly.  “Oh yeah!  This is the part my dad always did,” he said a bit wistfully, and we cracked up.  At 25, he’s becoming his own man.

We used my self-timer to take pictures of all three of us, six photos at two second intervals.  One of us shouted out the mood we were supposed to convey just before each shot.  Here’s the full series, in order.



“Thumbs up!  Funk it up!”


“We’re friends!”

“Oh god it’s not done, it’s 6 in a row and not 5!  We’re more friends!”

After exactly one week in the 80+ degree Southwest “fall” weather, they looked like this.  Gross.  I used doubled-up plastic bags to pick them up and tomorrow I’ll hose off the balcony where they left a gooey, moldy imprint, like some kind of reverse snow angel.

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Halloween/Birthday apron for me!

I came home from a tedious day at work Monday to find a package crammed into my mailbox.  When I was finally able to pull it out, ripping the envelope only a little, I saw that it was from my friend Amy Lee back in Minnesota.  I didn’t tear into it right away, savoring the possibilities throughout the evening, hoarding the joy of opening it.  She made me an apron for my birthday next week!  November 2, a Tuesday this year, feel free to make yourself a note.

The apron is a fun mix of prints with giant pockets and Halloween colors, and it fits me perfectly.  I wore it tonight when carving pumpkins with a few friends (pictures of our creations to come in a future post).  It’s a delightful apron.  Thank you Amy Lee!!

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Refashion: purple skirt to apron

In the last week before moving to my new apartment I was feeling on edge.  I realized that part of it was because I hadn’t done any sewing for awhile and I really wanted to be able to see a completed project, something creative and new and not just another taped up box to cross of the list of my old life.  Even though I had plenty of practical moving-related tasks I could have been doing instead, I pulled out a skirt from my refashioning pile and turned it into an apron.  I used lavender fabric for one side of the ties and black fabric for the other side and the waistband.  It was simple, easy, quick, and satisfying.  I boxed up my sewing supplies that night.

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Red apron for swap

My partner for the Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap requested “RED<RED<RED<” and chose the Wild and Crazy theme.  We were supposed to use only things we already had, thus the Cheap part of the title, and red is not one of my main stash colors.  I could do anything with a blue or green request, and I was struggling with finding enough red for her.  I pulled out my few pieces of reddish fabric and let them sit for a few weeks.  Several days before the deadline I remembered a new full apron I won in a contest last fall and I decided to refashion it.

The pictures make the apron look more orange than it really is.  The ruffle is a shimmery sheer orange and the rest is red.  I covered one of the existing pockets with a darker red print and did two bands of tomato across the top and bottom.  I used the original apron’s narrow ties.  It’s the first apron I’ve made for a swap that’s not lined or reversible.  When taking a picture I was asked, “What theme did she want,’gaudy’?”  I said she requested “wild and crazy”.  “Ah, that works too,” he said.

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Latest Swap Apron

Several weeks ago I sent out a reversible apron for Confessions of a Sewing Dork’s make it and mail it swap.  I’m delighted to report that the recipient just sent me an email saying she got it and loves it.  (Arizona to Canada mail can take awhile.)

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Skirt to aprons: Refashion

In August I turned a skirt I hadn’t worn in a couple years into two aprons, one for me and one for my mom.  I originally bought the skirt to wear to a friend’s wedding when I was 21, although I ended up wearing another new dress to the event instead.  Come to think of it, that dress has been hiding in the back of my closet for several years too, I should try it on and see if I can put it back in wardrobe rotation or refashion it into something else.   Apparently I don’t have a Before picture of the red skirt even though I remember taking one in my sewing room, hm.  Maybe later I’ll find it and add it in.  (Ha!)

The apron I decided to keep for myself has a classy black & white waistband that I realized afterward that I cut with the pattern sideways, and the one for my mom has a waistband featuring chickens.  It’s the same fabric I used to make her Chickens II quilt later, actually.

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Spooks Rattles Pots and Pans Swap Package

Halloween apron swap 09 package

The Halloween apron swap package that I put together included the apron, a tote bag made from my favorite Skullfinity fabric lined in orange, a set of Halloween fabric scrap cards, and a bag of candy corn.  I’ve gotta say, I was really proud of this package, I think it is my best yet, and the package I received in turn was also fantastic.  As for the apron, I recommend that it not be worn with four-year-old SpongeBob pajama pants and a tank top wet with spilled toothpaste.  (The picture was taken at 7 a.m. when the photographer generously agreed to wake up early to take a picture before mailing it off that day.)  For some great pictures displaying the items, check out the recipient’s blog post.

Halloween apron swap 09

Halloween cards

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Halloween apron swap package!

Halloween apron swap 2009

When I got home tonight I realized that I didn’t check the mail yesterday.  I went outside and found a box for me: my Halloween apron swap package had arrived!  I got the camera and opened it right away.  As I type this, I’m wearing my delightful new apron and black headband with black rose and feathers.  It also came with purple and orange jack-o-latern tote bag, perfect for bringing my lunch to work tomorrow; a small plate with the cutest bat saying “Screech” (in my right hand, it’s turned away from the camera); a beaker full of skull and bones candy; and a smaller felt Happy Halloween bag.  You can see more pictures of the apron at Gin’s blog.  I especially like how the ties are long enough to be wrapped around to the front, as I’m doing in the picture above, or tied in a big bow in back.

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Aunt Pitty Pat’s Halloween apron swap

I haven’t participated in an apron swap since St Patrick’s Day, when I received a lovely apron that I use on a regular basis (my partner correctly assessed from my blog that I’m “not a cutesy kind of woman” and made me a great, simple green apron that doesn’t scream Saint Patrick’s Day Check Out These Adorable Leprechauns and Clovers OMG Adorable With the Green Lace!).  I think it’s time for another swap, and I just came across Aunt Pitty Pat’s Halloween apron swap.  I’ll receive my partner assignment in a week, and aprons are due by mid-October.  For anybody who has considered signing up for a swap and hasn’t done so yet, I highly recommend it.  Now is the time!

Spooks & Rattles Apron Swap

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Purple polka-dot and green paisley apron

Here’s an apron I made last November for a friend.  She commissioned an apron and I ended up giving it to her as a gift  instead of taking her money.  As usual it’s reversible.  The paisley fabric was included in a Crazy Mom Quilts quilt last winter, and it was fun to recognize the material.  AmandaJean makes amazing quilt after amazing quilt, and seeing that she chose the same fabric I did was reflected validation.

Purple polka-dot and green paisley

Purple polka-dot and green paisley apron

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