Spring quilt retreat: Farmer’s Daughter block

Lucy's baby 2014_11

This is the 2nd top I made at the spring 2014 quilt retreat. The block is Farmer’s Daughter, which is similar to Butterfly at the Crossroads. As usual, I learned this traditional block from The Quilter’s Recipe Book by Celia Eddy.

Lucy's baby 2014_11 closeupLucy's baby 2014_11 back

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Mystery baby quilt: red, pink, and orange

unknown recipient 2013_11 (3)

I came across these quilt pictures while updating my photo folders. I don’t remember anything about this quilt and I hadn’t renamed the pictures yet to provide clues. Maybe it was for a friend in Minnesota, baby #3? The pictures were taken November 2013, does this theory work with that timeline? Have I made quilts for all of their children? If that’s the case I better get cracking on the quilt for baby #4 due this fall.

unknown recipient 2013_11 (4) unknown recipient 2013_11

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Spring quilt retreat: yellow, gray, and seafoam green

chico quilt vertical

A year ago I attended my first quilt retreat at the Triangle Y Ranch in Oracle, AZ. I loved it and vowed to attend more retreats in the future and to create my own “quilt retreats” at home where I dedicate two days to sewing and only sewing. It’s easier at an isolated camp setting with minimal cell service and unreliable wifi than it is at home with the usual home distractions and demands: a weird little white dog that needs walks and meals, laundry and chores that sit waiting for attention, internet that’s always right there…

I brought a small stack of new fabric in light greens, blues, and yellows. “I’ll help carry the rest of your stuff!” the other women said when I arrived. I had everything in one bag and my sewing machine in my other hand, there was no “rest of my stuff”. They delighted in my minimalism. I finished three baby quilt tops over the long weekend.

This quilt is made of six blocks that I arranged to create secondary pattern stars. I didn’t have enough fabric to make it a full 3×3 so settled for 3×2 in proportions that I wouldn’t choose on my own, The Quilter’s Recipe Book by Celia Eddy is fantastic and I highly recommend it, especially for new quilters. I gave this quilt to somebody at my improv theater and he asked if I had confirmed the crib size with his wife since it was exactly the right dimensions. Nope, just the universe doing its thing.

chico quilt back

chico quilt horizontal

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Turquoise and yellow baby quilt

kara quilt patio wall

I found these pictures on my computer from October 2012, a baby quilt I had forgotten that I made. I vaguely recalling being told they were doing a turquoise and yellow theme for their baby and I said “I can work with that!” The quilt is resting on the patio wall of the apartment below mine. It was the only nearby surface that would hold the quilt horizontally — I tried the pool fence gate and a nearby bush first — and I hoped the neighbors wouldn’t catch me at it. A rummage through the memory files confirms that I had ended a relationship a week or two before the pictures, meaning I didn’t have a quilt photo assistant handy.
kara quilt gate vertical

kara quilt

kara quilt shrub

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12 months later, baby quilt delivered!

I finally checked off a series of tasks necessary to give friends in the Midwest a quilt for their baby daughter who is, oh, let’s see here, 12 months old now? Congratulations you guys!

Weeks or months went by between each step for no particular reason (buy new bobbins from the sewing machine manufacturer, add binding, take the package to the post office…). One of my goals for 2012 is less lag time when projects are almost done. Take the time today to finish it and deliver it and move on.

She mentioned that their nursery has a jungle theme so I chose flannel monkeys for the backing, and made the rest with pieces from my blue & green stash.

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Maggie’s Place baby quilt #5

This woman said she liked pink, purple, blue, and green and asked for Winnie the Pooh if it all possible.  In real life the green is a much cleaner, brighter lime green than it’s reading in the pictures.  I like the purple paisley binding with one piece of pink.

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Stack o’ baby quilts: Maggie’s Place #4

I have three lovely baby quilts resting on a chair in my living room, waiting for delivery.  (Ha, delivery, get it?  Delivery of baby quilts!)  Two are for women at Maggie’s Place, an organization that provides housing, resources, and support for women who are pregnant and often homeless.  I have trouble with their value “Protecting the life of the born and unborn child and providing options for women that choose to give life” because of the “unborn child” and “give life” parts — I firmly believe in the rights of all women to make decisions regarding their bodies, their lives, and their medical procedures, including abortion.  So for now I focus on the options for women who have already chosen, and hope that they truly had a choice.

I designed the quilts for the specific recipients’ preferences.  One problem: their babies were due in December 2009 and January 2010.  Um, yeah, not such a great job there, self.  The alumni coordinator has contact info for one of the mothers and the other has lost touch, so unfortunately she won’t receive her quilt with brown, blue, yellow, and baby prints as requested.  Somebody else will get it, though, somebody who hopefully likes the same things and will squeal with delight when she sees the baby duckies on the soft flannel back because I guess some people are into that kind of cutesy thing.

I’ll do better next time.  I can’t change the past, I can only change my actions in the present and decisions in the future using the knowledge I’ve gained from my mistakes in the past.  This message brought to you by regret, hope, the number 2, and the letter B.

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Purple & Yellow Baby Quilt

This is a baby quilt I finished just in time for a colleague’s baby shower.  Half of the pictures are taken at night indoors and the others are in the morning sunlight before I left for work.  I quilted double lines on either side of each seam and bound it with a yellow-on-yellow stripe.  I forgot to measure it, although it’s probably about 36″ x 55″.

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Baby quilt for a colleague

A coworker just had a baby and I finally finished putting on the binding today — one of these times I’ll deliver the quilt before the baby comes.  I’m not sure how much time he’s going to take off work, it might be a couple months before he comes back in and I can give it to him.  The binding took 5 episodes of “Mad Men” and one of “Bones”, I think.  I was sewing only one needle’s worth of thread at a time, though, so if I worked the whole episode I would have finished sooner.

The back is a soft dinosaur flannel.  I quilted straight lines in the seams and double lines perpendicular to the stripes, plus some double lines on the diagonal as well.  It’s time to buy myself a walking foot for my sewing machine.

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Gray & blue baby quilt

Months ago I started a quilt for my cousin, whose baby was due in February, with extra blue and gray strips that I didn’t end up using for another baby quilt.  I had the top pieced, sandwiched, and quilted by the end of January.  All it needed was a binding — the first time I was going to actually do a binding — and then it was February and I was working on the Organizing Junkie’s Challenge, and I realized that sewing and committing to the challenge at odds with one another.  Baby Caiden was born on February 11, at which point the need for speed had passed and the quilt continued to sit for weeks.  I added the binding a couple weeks ago and because I haven’t mailed it yet it’s making the move with me this weekend, and then, yes and then I will finally mail it, 2 1/2 months after the baby’s birth.

I move into my new apartment on Saturday.  I wonder what I’ll use to hold up my quilts for pictures, this cement wall in my back yard has done a fine job for me.  I’ll keep doing these quick and easy stripey quilts for awhile, I like them.

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