Baby Quilt: Blue and gray, stripes and plaid

I’m delivering my third baby quilt for Maggie’s Place this afternoon.  The recipient of this one requested blue, gray, white, plaid, and stripes.  I quilted it in wide wavy lines to soften the straight edges; the man of the the house said it reminds me of the ocean, which was nice of him to say.  I also quilted down the seam of every other stripe to reinforce it a little.  I ran out of the cloud-like flannel backing so added in a bit of the leftover sailboat fabric, which works with the ocean waves theme.  The finished quilt is 65″ x 46″.  (I’ve been making these “baby quilts” larger than traditional crib size for versatility as the babies grow.)

I enjoyed piecing this one with a new technique I hadn’t tried before that doesn’t involve much cutting.  I snipped into the fabric at the edge then tore it the rest of the way with a satisfying ripping sound.  (Just like they do at Mood on “Project Runway”!)  Each stripe is the width of the yardage, which varied between bolts so I evened them up with my rotary cutter after I’d sewn them together.  I expect to make other quilts like this again; the next one will have narrower stripes and a shorter width, maybe 35″ instead of 44″.  I also have a gray-heavy stack of pre-torn strips I didn’t end up using in this one.

Ha, I just looked up from my laptop and realized this quilt matches the afghan my mom knitted for me in colors I chose before I left for college, ten years ago.

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Baby quilt: Blue and green nine-patch blocks

Here’s the second baby quilt for Maggie’s House that I delivered on Christmas Day.  I forgot about taking a picture until the last moments before the sun dipped below the neighbors’ house, and even then half ended up in shadow with the rest tinged in pinkish golden sunset light.  I quilted it in straight lines, mostly stitch-in-the-ditch using the nine patch seams, plus extra quilted lines in the middle of each block and through the sashing.  The back is a soft flannel in a sailboat print.  It’s my first quilt using white sashing, which looks so lovely in all kinds of other quilts I’ve seen and yet I dunno, I think I prefer the intensity of pure colors.  I used a tiny white-on-white floral print instead of strictly white, a detail that I like in person which doesn’t show up in this quality of photo.

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First baby quilt for Maggie’s Place

Maggie's Place #1: Green & yellow

I finished my first baby quilt for Maggie’s Place.  The recipient said she likes yellow, light blue, light green, brown, and white/cream, and requested something that’s “not too babyish”.  This is what I came up with from my stash, which conveniently enough is filled with green and blue.  My plan was to make a nice little rectangle, and then when I had the 3×3 design I liked how it looked and didn’t want to come up with 3 more unique combinations to add another row of blocks.  This is my first really pieced back; I like the stripe of dinosaurs down the middle, which seems appropriate for a baby quilt.  I quilted stitch-in-the-ditch around the pinwheels in each block (those are pinwheels, people, not swastikas), and then quilted a small 1″ x 1″ square in the center of each as well.  The quilt is about 45″ x 45″.

Maggie's Place #1 green & yellow back

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A Race Against Time: Three Quilts by September

I’ve committed myself to finishing (um, and starting) three quilts before the end of the month.  One is a baby quilt for Maggie’s Place, a Catholic nonprofit providing “houses of hospitality” for pregnant homeless women.  I can’t get behind the part of their core values about “protecting the life of the born and unborn child”, although I do want to support the next part about “providing options for women who choose to give life”, even if I wouldn’t use that terminology.  I told them the first baby quilt would be done before September.  I have most of the pieces cut and the white-on-white floral fabric I just bought for sashing is in the washing machine now.  It will come together fairly quickly when I sit down for a block of time next weekend.

The other two quilts are for a company-wide silent auction at my employer’s annual Community Support Campaign, held during September this year.  I’m making another Tetris quilt for it, and I expect the 280,000+ employees to bid highly enough to make me feel validated.  The last one is a very simple quilt to use as a picnic blanket in a wine & cheese picnic basket my department is putting together for the auction.  It will probably be one big nine-patch using material from my stash, and will hopefully take only a couple hours.

This afternoon I’m making a few more floral cloth napkins to use for a small dinner party tonight with my mom and her live-in gentleman friend who are visiting from Minneosta.  Then I’ll be cleaning, baking an angel food cake, prepping dinner, and generally being busy about the house as a happy homemaker.  With the Josh Groban Pandora station providing music, I feel like a 30something  housewife indeed, or what I imagine they’re like — if you’re a 30something homemaker, please feel free to correct me!

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Blue & green zigzag baby quilt

blue and green zigzag baby quilt

I haven’t been naming my quilts beyond descriptive terms (Tetris Quilt, Mother’s Day Quilt, Chickens, etc), maybe it’s time I start giving them names like actual pieces of art.  I finished the baby quilt for a coworker and I love it.  I know everybody always says they love whichever quilt they just completed, and it’s true.  I actually quilted this one, too, rather than tying it, doing stitch-in-the-ditch along the edges of the zigzag stripes.  It went really well.  The backing is a soft dinosaur print flannel.  Maybe next time I’ll even add a real binding!blue and green zigzag baby quilt - fabrics

If I could do something differently I wouldn’t add the darkest blue stripe.  My original plan was about 6 stripes longer and had another dark blue one, and when I realized the proportions would be all skewed unless I made it a lot wider also, I ended up with just the one dark stripe.  The colors in the picture aren’t exactly true-to-life, I couldn’t take a picture in natural lighting because I finished it at 10 p.m.  I considered waiting to wrap it until tomorrow morning so that I could take some photos in the morning  before work — then I realized that mornings are hard enough on me as is and I shouldn’t add anything extra.  I also forgot to add a label before wrapping it up all pretty.  Next time…

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Most recent completed quilt: blue & yellow baby quilt

The last quilt that I completed was done in March, and I didn’t even do it all myself so I don’t consider it really “my” quilt.  I helped a friend make it for her sister, who was having the first baby of the three siblings in her family.  My friend chose the fabric and did a lot of the cutting and initial sewing, and as it became apparent that the baby might be finished before the quilt would be (he was), I took over to speed things up.  She’d come over to my place and hang out with me while I worked, so she still put in the time.  We forgot to take pictures before sending it off, so this is the one picture I have that the recipient took for us.  The polka-dots are actually adorable turtles; the backing was made of the same turtle-y flannel.

Rebecca's Baby Quilt -- March 2009

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Dinosaur fabric and blueberry cake

I added the border to my zigzag baby quilt and pressed it all nice and crisp.  I’ll probably use this soft flannel dinosaur fabric from Joann for the backing.  On a whim last fall I made curtains from the same material, backed with a bright teal flannel, for the bathroom off the master bedroom.  The thickness helps block out the sun and heat during these 115 degree Heat Advisory days, and it provides insulation in the drafty window during the winter when we rarely turn on the heat.

dinosaur flannel

In other news, I ate a third of an entire cake for dinner.  I cooked fresh blueberries (only $1 per pint at Sunflower Market through tomorrow!) in a saucepan with a bit of sugar, water, and corn starch until thickened, squishing most of the berries to release their innards.  I split a single 9 inch layer in half (the other half of the batter became cupcakes), filled the from-a-box cake with the cooled blueberry sauce, and then frosted it with fresh whipped cream.  I was going to eat leftover pea soup for dinner and maybe roast some brussel sprouts with olive oil and rosemary, and instead I kept eating more cake.  I regret nothing!

Blueberry-filled cake

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