Turquoise and yellow baby quilt

kara quilt patio wall

I found these pictures on my computer from October 2012, a baby quilt I had forgotten that I made. I vaguely recalling being told they were doing a turquoise and yellow theme for their baby and I said “I can work with that!” The quilt is resting on the patio wall of the apartment below mine. It was the only nearby surface that would hold the quilt horizontally — I tried the pool fence gate and a nearby bush first — and I hoped the neighbors wouldn’t catch me at it. A rummage through the memory files confirms that I had ended a relationship a week or two before the pictures, meaning I didn’t have a quilt photo assistant handy.
kara quilt gate vertical

kara quilt

kara quilt shrub

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I loves me some fabric scrap cards

I made a small stack of cards using fabric scraps on Friday night while catching up on “The Office”.  I am a party animal, let me tell you.  It was off the chain up in here.

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Stack o’ baby quilts: Maggie’s Place #4

I have three lovely baby quilts resting on a chair in my living room, waiting for delivery.  (Ha, delivery, get it?  Delivery of baby quilts!)  Two are for women at Maggie’s Place, an organization that provides housing, resources, and support for women who are pregnant and often homeless.  I have trouble with their value “Protecting the life of the born and unborn child and providing options for women that choose to give life” because of the “unborn child” and “give life” parts — I firmly believe in the rights of all women to make decisions regarding their bodies, their lives, and their medical procedures, including abortion.  So for now I focus on the options for women who have already chosen, and hope that they truly had a choice.

I designed the quilts for the specific recipients’ preferences.  One problem: their babies were due in December 2009 and January 2010.  Um, yeah, not such a great job there, self.  The alumni coordinator has contact info for one of the mothers and the other has lost touch, so unfortunately she won’t receive her quilt with brown, blue, yellow, and baby prints as requested.  Somebody else will get it, though, somebody who hopefully likes the same things and will squeal with delight when she sees the baby duckies on the soft flannel back because I guess some people are into that kind of cutesy thing.

I’ll do better next time.  I can’t change the past, I can only change my actions in the present and decisions in the future using the knowledge I’ve gained from my mistakes in the past.  This message brought to you by regret, hope, the number 2, and the letter B.

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More scrap cards

I made some more cards using fabric, this time scraps that were already pieced together.  I don’t find these as soothing or appealing as the monochromatic stripey ones, which my mom has been collecting as I send them to her and recently put into a frame together.  (“It’s like a little quilt!” she said.  Yes, yes it is.)  These are still nice, I definitely have a thing for bits of fabric.  I haven’t found a way to take good pictures of them yet, I need better lighting and a pleasant background piece of gently rumpled maroon velvet or something.  The slightly reflective new ice blue side table from Ikea makes them look like they’re suspended in a void, or maybe a misty tunnel with a light in the distance.  Anybody else see that?

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Most recent completed quilt: blue & yellow baby quilt

The last quilt that I completed was done in March, and I didn’t even do it all myself so I don’t consider it really “my” quilt.  I helped a friend make it for her sister, who was having the first baby of the three siblings in her family.  My friend chose the fabric and did a lot of the cutting and initial sewing, and as it became apparent that the baby might be finished before the quilt would be (he was), I took over to speed things up.  She’d come over to my place and hang out with me while I worked, so she still put in the time.  We forgot to take pictures before sending it off, so this is the one picture I have that the recipient took for us.  The polka-dots are actually adorable turtles; the backing was made of the same turtle-y flannel.

Rebecca's Baby Quilt -- March 2009

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