Cell phone misadventures

I went camping this weekend about two hours away in the high country with a small group of friends.  We asked the park ranger for directions to a swimmin’ hole.  There was a small waterfall, several swimming holes filled with really cold water, and cliffs on either side.  Some high school pools were cliff jumping into two of the pools, which didn’t look appealing to me, especially since they said they sometimes hit bottom.  We did some mild rock climbing to get down to the water.  After we were done with cold wading in our swimsuits, I tossed my clothing and shoes up to somebody on the ledge above before clamoring back up.  I cringed as I tossed each shoe because I had wedged my camera and cell phone inside them.  After both shoes were caught and held I relaxed, then threw my shorts.  My cell phone fell out of the pocket and we watched it tumble 10 feet to the water below.  Oh that’s right, I put my cell phone loosely in my pocket and not in my shoes at all.

I got back in the really cold water and felt around with my feet where I thought it landed, and couldn’t find it.  It was evening and the sunlight wasn’t shining on the water anymore and my feet stirred up the silt to make a murky mess.  I could see my pale white feet glowing at the bottom, although couldn’t see the rocks or anything else.

We came back the next morning with two more friends who hadn’t made it the day before.  Peering over the first cliff my bright blue phone was clearly visible in the pool, nestled by a rock with several gray crawfishy creatures.  The water felt much colder this time, possibly because it was morning and hadn’t been warmed in the sun all day.  I got my phone back, and one friend got her flip-flops which had been forgotten on some rocks.  It’s unlikely my phone will recover, although I’m still going to give it a try.

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