Happy birthday to me!

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, October 21, 2011
Blouse: Goodwill
Belt: Don’t remember, it was a decade ago
Skirt: Goodwill, shortened
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Claire’s

I turned 30 on November 2. I’m still testing out how that feels to say. 30! Good-bye, twenties, you will be remembered always.

My manager suggested that our team dress like the ’80s on Monday as a Halloween team spirit thing. I didn’t want to buy anything and I did want to maintain business casual attire. This is what I came up with. The side ponytail and shoulder pads safety-pinned back into the blouse emphasized the ’80sness of what could otherwise pass for normal day attire.



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Tarantino costume party

A friend had a housewarming party this weekend with a Quentin Tarantino: come as a character from a Tarantino movie.  I dressed as Bear Jew from “Inglourious Basterds”, even though I haven’t seen the movie, because I wanted something simple and cheap.  I only needed to buy the pants from Goodwill and tweak them a bit.  I didn’t take a before picture, so just imagine them too big for me around the waist and hips.

I made the suspenders out of pieces of a graduation gown and safety-pinned them to my pants.  I didn’t check the reference picture again until I was already done, at which point I realized they’re supposed to be tan suspenders instead of black.  The Nazi dog tag trophies are chocolate coins from a Hanukkah party, taped to more strips of commencement gown.  The Nazi-killin’ bat is an empty wrapping paper tube, and I wore my ratty old boots and reversible black/brown belt.

Total cost: $5.99 and 25 minutes.

I also helped a friend with her costume as Gogo from “Kill Bill”, shortening a Goodwill skirt and lending her socks, a button-down shirt, and a necktie.  The broken zipper is held together with safety pins for now, and I’ll add snaps before she puts it in her costume bin.


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Party like it’s 1993

I attended a grunge theme party a couple weeks where we partied like it was 1993.  It was outdoors on one of the coldest nights we’d had this season (maybe 40 degrees?  Brrr!) which worked with the layering, although hid the awesome long-sleeve waffle shirt borrowed from a friend that I was wearing underneath my dress.  Very ’90s, I tell you.  I went to Target a few days later and they were selling thermal shirts right next to plaid flannel.  I guess people in my age group are nostalgic for the ’90s fashion of our youth, or at least the fashion of the cool people from our youth — I didn’t quite hit the mark at the time.  True example: in 8th grade I owned a pinkish-purple plaid flannel that I wore tucked into jeans.

I bought a floral dress at Goodwill that I shortened and tailored to my size, and since I’m considering this whole wearing-dresses-not-just-as-costumes thing I’m going to do something about the flutter sleeves and try wearing it In Real Life.  In fact, my grunge party outfit wouldn’t cause passersby to whisper, “Hey, check out that costume, where do you think she’s going?”

Jacket, dress, boots: Goodwill
Hoodie: I don’t remember
Waffle shirt underneath: Borrowed from a friend
Fishnets: I don’t remember
Lipstick: Wet N Wild from Albertsons

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Halloween costume: Black Widow

I was a black widow for Halloween in a costume I made without spending any money at all.  The extra legs/arms are cut from my old college graduation gown (why did have I still have it lying around?) and stuffed with bits of leftover quilt batting, and I added the hourglass to an old tank top.  The skirt is from last year’s dark angel costume, which had been shortened and made smaller from a large Goodwill skirt.  A friend lent me the gloves that just happened to have the red triangles.

When I walked out to the car my friend said, “I knew you were going as a spider, but I didn’t know it was a sexy spider!”  Come now, is there any other kind of Black Widow?

Somebody was Indiana Jones and I tried the whip.  My spider legs were connected to my wrists by thread, and you can kind of see how when I raised my arms the extra arms came up too.

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Halloween Costume #4: Angel of Death

Holloween 2009 wings (and cup)
My fourth and final Halloween costume was a dark angel fallen from grace.  (Some people said, “Hey, the angel of Death!” and I didn’t disagree.  I didn’t have anything that specific in mind, maybe I was the angel of Death.)  I made the wings using wire coat hangers, a square of corrugated cardboard as anchor in the back, lots of black duct tape, a satin slip, elastic, and another black dress.  I bought something like five dresses & nighties from Goodwill on half-off Saturday and ended up using pieces from only two.  My original plan was for much larger majestic wings and I scrapped that idea when 1) structural integrity was lacking due to my unreliable engineering, and 2) I’d knock too many things over if they were any bigger.  As it was, I poked two people in the face when they were standing downhill from me and I turned without realizing how close they were.

I wore black boots, fishnets, and a black skirt, another Goodwill half-off refashion that I made smaller and shorter to fit me.  I asked the gentleman of the house if I needed to cut it any shorter or make it any tighter and he said, “No, no, that gives the idea, that’s plenty good.”  It was halfway to my knees and my friends commented on my modesty.  I think maybe he just didn’t want me wearing a super short skirt out to parties he wouldn’t be attending…

Halloween 2009 wings

P.S.  No, not pregnant, just caught unawares not sucking in my belly combined with poor posture and a few extra pounds these days.  I was going to Photoshop a flatter stomach and decided to just leave it, the unvarnished reality.

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Halloween Costume #3: Hot Cop

Writing a ticket for class 2 misdemeanor: burglaring

On Friday night I went to a party as a hot cop, using my  costume from last year.  I made the dress out of an old duster-type button shirt, shortening it a whole lot to make a dress, buying a hat and badge,  and adding other accessories from around the house.  As I liked to say, it’s not that you could see my underwear at times because the hot cop dress was so short; I was wearing a second pair of underpants over the fishnets to hold them up, so technically you could sometimes see my overwear.  Plus they were black and modestly cut.

My friend was a cat burglar, burglaring cats.   The picture below from last year is Sarah Palin (this was just a few days before the election), hot cop, and a witch.  You can tell it’s last year because my hair is shorter and I’m skinnier.

Halloween 08 hot cop

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Halloween Costumes #1 & #2: Giant Chicken and Cheerleader

At CrossFit on Friday we came in costume.  I started in my giant chicken costume and took it off within 10 minutes to reveal my cheerleader outfit from college.  Check out a great video that two CrossFitters, Nathan and Virginia, made and posted by the next day.

CrossFit Halloween 09

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