Haircut and lounge singer dress


hair March 2013 after hair march 2013 before-001

I grow my hair out for 9-18 months and then I get it chopped off again. I enjoy the dramatic change and the gradual transition through different styles/lengths over time.

I attended a cocktail CrossFit gym grand reopening party that same night wearing a $1 Goodwill dress that I originally bought for a tacky prom party only to discover that it wasn’t particularly tacky. Satin and ruched and shiny blue and tight, yes, but maybe it could be worn without irony in the right situation…

I added a ribbon strap with safety pins and promptly forgot about it. Several years later, I came across it again and wore it to this party. And failed to take a full-length standing photo.

haircut 2013 after

crossfit party march 2013 sitting

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Hello again, CrossFit

What I Wore to Work Today: Friday, August 24, 2012
Tshirt: Target
Jeans: Goodwill, hemmed
Shoes: Payless

I started CrossFit again, after what was essentially a 2-year hiatus broken up by a month-long visit last fall,  and it’s fantastic and tough. The day after the second basics intro class, I sat down at work much harder than expected because my legs gave out halfway through. I used my hands to supplement legs during chair transitions the rest of the day.

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Another way CrossFit makes my life better

“Oh boy, I bought some groceries and I’m having a friend over for dinner.  Just gotta get these bags balanced with my gym bag and my purse and the cake pan that held the cupcakes I brought to work.  Ok, there, one last bag and… wait, was that a ripping sound?  Drat, the handle tore a little.  Well, no biggie, I’ll just grab a handful of the paper in my hand.  Yep, good to go and up and away.. Oh man, now that was a handle on the other bag.  Ok, let’s see, I’ll switch the purse and gym bag to this side , tuck the cake pan under my arm, grasp that bag from the bottom, ok got it, and now to carefully hold on to a sturdy amount of paper on this one and ARE YOU FRICKIN’ SERIOUS??  The ENTIRE top of this bag has just ripped?’

At that point I set everything down, looked at the torn bags, and smiled happily to myself.  Luckily I was on my way home from CrossFit where we did the awesome workout Helen (3 rounds of: 400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups) so I was feeling energized and restored and able to deal with this kind of frustration. I ended up taking two trips.


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Please-Don’t-Run-Me-Over Vest; also, Half-Marathon!

At CrossFit I usually wear black shorts or yoga capri pants and one of my five black tank tops.  We regularly run outside on the quiet back road without a lot of streetlights.  There are rarely cars on the street so it’s pretty safe, and at the same time the lack of traffic means drivers aren’t expecting a runner on the side of the road.  During this half of the year it’s dark during my usual evening CrossFit session and my workout clothes don’t help with visibility.  Yes, my pale pale white skin helps a little, just not enough.

I finally made myself a please-don’t-run-me-over-with-your-car vest with reflective tape on the front and back to throw on before running in the dark.  Better safe — and supremely stylish!!! — than sorry, eh.  I’m sure any parents reading this approve.  I refashioned it from an old long-sleeve t-shirt.  The stripes are neon yellow iron-on tape from Joann; you can’t tell that they’re yellow because they’re reflecting in the flash, just like they should.

Getting an ok picture of the back view was surprisingly hard.  Either the flesh at the back of my shoulder and armpit area was too fleshy and doughy, or the backs of the arms themselves were thin and stringy with Madonna-esque zombie muscles (how could my arms look soft and doughy in some pictures and thin and stringy in others?), and then when I pretended to run for an action shot it just looked like I was sticking my butt towards the camera and holding my arms weird.  “How does this look, is this better?” I asked as I tried a few poses.  “It couldn’t hurt to try,” he said.  “It’s not like it’s going to be worse!” and we both laughed because it was true.

There’s another reason besides CrossFit that I made a vest to wear when running at night (or in the wee hours of the morning, but let’s not kid ourselves here): I’m now in training for next January’s P.F. Chang’s Rock & Roll Half-Marathon.  That’s right, a half-marathon, 13.1 miles.  Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll attempt a full mile without walking, for the first time in about 15 years.  Yep, I’m pretty sure middle school was the last time I did a full mile, and I’ve never done much more than that.  I have almost a full year to add 12 more miles to this first one.  There’s a 4-hour cutoff for the half-marathon, which means an 18-minute/mile pace.  One of my CrossFit friends said her grandmother has done it, mostly walking, so I should be able to finish.  My current uneducated and naive hope is that I’ll be able to aim for 3 hours (~13 min/mi).  As the months go by and I get a better idea of how I’m improving and what my walking pace is I can adjust my objectives.

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Halloween Costumes #1 & #2: Giant Chicken and Cheerleader

At CrossFit on Friday we came in costume.  I started in my giant chicken costume and took it off within 10 minutes to reveal my cheerleader outfit from college.  Check out a great video that two CrossFitters, Nathan and Virginia, made and posted by the next day.

CrossFit Halloween 09

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24 Pull-ups!

I did 24 kipping pull-ups in a row tonight, tying the women’s record at our CrossFit gym.  Several weeks ago I grabbed the crown by doing 22, and the next week another woman did 24.  I tried so hard tonight to get that 25th and I just couldn’t clear my chin over the bar on the last one.  I dropped to the ground, pleased that I tied the record and disappointed that I couldn’t pull off that last one to take it myself (ha, pull, pun!).

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22 Pull-ups!

I did 22 kipping pull-ups in a row tonight at CrossFit.  Two nights ago I dreamed that I did 24 and I have a distinct memory of the motion I was using, they seemed so easy at the time.  When I got to the gym I decided to try out the dream technique to see if it made a difference in the waking world.  As I was heading over to the bar, one of the owners said he wanted to see a new female record for the gym.

“What’s the current record?” I asked.

“21,” the trainer replied.  “Let’s see it, I want a new record set right here, now, tonight!”

I slowed down after 16 or so, and had to stop for a moment at 20.  #21 barely counted, with my chin just at the bar, and then I finished off with a comparatively solid #22.  I think I haven’t maxed out my potential yet, it just might take awhile to get a new PR.  That’s a downfall of greatness, I guess…

Previous personal record: 19 on August 28, 2009.

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19 Pull-ups!

I did 19 pull-ups in a row at the gym tonight!  As I was driving over I said to myself, “Hey, maybe I’ll do 20, wouldn’t that be cool!”  As I was warming up they felt pretty good, so I kept going.  I started slowing down as I hit the teens, and after 18 when my chin barely cleared the bar I had to hang for a moment to gear up for another one.  As I was pulling myself up for 19 I was thinking “Oh my god maybe I can get 20!!” and then after I made it up I dropped to the ground.  Everything gave out — my grip, my arms, my back, I was breathing heavily.

My PR jumped by two this time.  Previous record set on August 1, 2009: 17.

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