New “Vaccuum”

What I Wore to Work Today: May 12, 2015
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Payless
Badge: Employer
Watch: Target


My new vacuum arrived today and it’s delightful. As warned in the Amazon reviews, the canister needs to be emptied frequently because of its relatively small size and how well it works to pull up stuff from the carpet. I loved it. “Oh my god look how much it’s already sucked up in just one minute in this little area in the living room! These carpets are filthy! It’s so satisfying! Imma vacuum every week now!”

Here’s where I wonder if increasing my vacuuming frequency to every week is shameful. A Good Morning America tip of the day I just found says “Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic will need to be vacuumed daily or twice weekly, depending on the number of feet walking your carpet.” Are there people who vacuum daily, people who aren’t homemakers? If I were a homemaker and not just non-employed I probably have higher standards, since keeping the home would be my job.

In February 1995 I was in the middle school spelling bee. Two things happened that evening: 1) I was eliminated on the word “vacuum”, incorrectly adding a second C in there, and 2) I got my period for the first time an hour before going to the bee. Let’s all agree that 7th grade is a tough time.

2015_05_12 hand in motion

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Bridesmaid Dress Before and After

a beautiful bridelittle black dressI

How to wear a pastel yellow bridesmaid dress again: dye it black and hope for the best. I don’t have a true Before picture of this dress because I shortened it by a couple inches before realizing I hadn’t taken any photos. I added the straps myself, using wired satin ribbon. After the wedding, I removed the ribbon and dyed the dress black, which came out more of a dark gray. The polyester zipper and the thread I used for hemming didn’t take the dye, so I colored it in with a permanent marker. So classy.

Full disclosure: these pictures are from fall 2013 and I still haven’t worn the After dress anywhere except my balcony to take pictures. Turns out I don’t have many occasions to wear a “if you squint maybe it’s not a bridesmaid dress?” dress in my regular life. If this dress isn’t in the giveaway pile yet it’s headed there soon.

chuppah bearer

Several years ago one October I was helping a friend find a bridesmaid dress for a small, low-key wedding. We looked through rack after rack of dresses at inexpensive stores like Ross and a Macy’s outlet.

“This is so frustrating, I won’t be able to find anything pale yellow, that’s not a color in stores in October, and buying a new dress is expensive!” She was frustrated. I agreed that it was not at all cool that they asked her to find such a specific color and just a few weeks before the wedding even! She looked sheepish. “Um, well, actually they asked for my favorite color and when I said yellow they requested that I wear something in light yellow because the three women in the wedding are each wearing their favorite color in a pastel version. And, um, that conversation happened over the summer.”

She found a lovely cotton short-sleeve dress with eyelet hem detail for around twenty bucks. To alleviate her concerns about whether it was wedding-y enough we made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and she bought some satin in a pale bronze champagne color. I sewed a sash for her waist; she and the dress both looked great. She found the whole process stressful and costly and vowed that when she got married the people in her wedding would wear whatever they damn well please.

Fast forward a few years: She was engaged. The chuppah bearers were her friends, more or less bridesmaids. We were asked/instructed to wear $100-150 David’s Bridal dresses, short, in canary, with “a strong preference for satin or chiffon” (adding the note directed at me “I totally disregarded your advice there re: either direct orders or not stating a preference, but you’re not the boss of me anyhow”). The official bridesmaid were the couple’s collective sisters, and they were assigned long David’s Bridal cobalt blue satin dresses.

A friend and I went shopping together. We both chose the same strapless cotton dress, and I added ribbon straps to mine.

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My everywhere dress


What I Wore to Work Today: February 24, 2015
Dress: Macy’s
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Charming Charlie’s

The last time I posted a picture of the dress I said that I’ve worn it in many situations (work, dinner, party, concert, date, church) and it would make a nice wedding guest dress too. In January I attended a wedding and I did need wear this dress. Most of the afternoon and evening I added a blue cardigan.

2015_02_24 walking

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Black and white squares

2015_02_09 hands on hips

What I Wore to Work Today: February 9, 2015
Dress: Um, Macy’s? I don’t remember. Label says
Shoes: Payless

I wore this dress on a Monday when I was invited to a casual lunch meeting when our business line’s senior counsel and a new associate at our New York office were in town for a conference. My old manager was in attendance too, wearing a similar black and white jersey dress with draping and ruching at the waist. It felt like a nod of approval for my dress.

After debating since I first bought it, I think I will shorten this dress by an inch or two. With any luck I won’t have to hem it due to the synthetic jersey material and it will still look finished and clean.


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One of the first

What I Wore to Work Today: October 21, 2013
Dress: Goodwill, refashioned
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target

This was one of the first dresses that I refashioned when my refashioning took a leap into dresses in 2010. (RIP Wardrobe Refashion.)

navy floral dress before 12-18-10

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Mad Men Collection

2013_10_15What I Wore to Work Today: October 15, 2013
Dress: Goodwill
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

This dress has a Talbots Petite label in it and I didn’t alter it a bit. There’s no date on the label, I assume it’s from the time when people were riding the early years of Mad Men style, before they started to get all cool and mod and psychedelic and other things as the ’60s carry on. My “Mad Men” viewing experience was lifted to a new level when I found Tom & Lorenzo. Their analysis of the show’s costume design is amazing, with so many screenshots. The costume designer and whole costume & production crew are amazing. I’m eagerly awaiting the T&L posts during the final seven episodes starting April 5.

2013_10_15 looking away

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Questionable choice


What I Wore to Work Today: July 7, 2013
Dress: Target, shortened
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

We all make choices that we look back on and say “You know, I wouldn’t make that same choice again”. This picture is one of those choices for me. I can’t say I would wear this dress with that belt and those shoes again. Shortening the dress a few inches? That decision I stand by.

2012_09_06 hands on hips

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Five months ago


What I Wore to Work Today: April 30, 2013
Dress: Goodwill, $1 Thursday
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Gift from Sarah
Shoes: Walmart

Apparently I took a number of WIWTWT pictures in April and couldn’t get it together to actually post them. Or maybe I was choosing on purpose not to post them and it wasn’t an issue of laziness or lack of follow-through at all? I don’t know. It was over five months ago. I don’t know what I was up to at this time. There was my haircut and a CrossFit gym grand opening cocktail party one day in March. A 10k race and trip Prescott, AZ the first weekend of May. The time between those two things is an empty blur at this point.

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Lace pick-me-up


What I Wore to Work Today: April 29, 2013
Jacket: T.J. Maxx
Dress: Ross
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target

I picked up this lace jacket at a T.J. Maxx in Park City, UT the day before New Year’s Eve when a friend was shopping for something sparkly for the next night. I wasn’t planning on shopping for myself and I walked away with a jacket and a pair of sneakers. Pleasant surprise.


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The difference of inches

 2013_04_02 ankles crossed

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Dress: Target
Shoes: Payless


Months later, I finally got around to taking the 60 seconds necessary to slice a few inches off the bottom of this dress, and bam, it’s back in the rotation. The picture below shows the original version from last September. Small difference, just enough to make it something I’ll wear.


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