Fish tank upgrades

I added a couple plants, some large rocks, and a piece of blue porcelain to my aquarium this weekend, thanks to a box from my mom.  She just dissembled her large fish tank after giving away the scores and scores of guppies that were reproducing astoundingly fast, and sent me a few items to add to my 30 gallon tank.  A second package the next day contained baggies of fish food, which was actually perfect timing because I had just run out of flakes the night before and was going to have to go to the pet store to buy more.  Get out of my head, Mom!

She’s done stuff like that before, too.  A few years ago I was on one of my grapefruit kicks and was lamenting — to others, not to my mom —  my lack of grapefruit spoons.  You know, the little pointy ones with a serrated tip.  Maybe two weeks later I opened my birthday package and in addition to the gift out fell a dozen grapefruit spoons.  “Thought you might use these, I had too many anyway” the note said.  It was really weird.

My fish tank has four adult guppies and a handful of babies of two ages.  I’ll be getting a little school of neon tetras this week, and they will be known as Seamus, both individually and collectively.  I accidentally offed the last ones when I used ich medicine based on the package dosage directions, when it turns out that tetras are super sensitive to that particular medicine and half the regular amount is the max they can tolerate.  After the Incident, I sent a text message saying, “I killed Seamus.  All of them.”  I’m hoping for a better outcome with the new Seamus.

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