An Evening at The Ballet

bolero after 2
What I Wore to the Ballet: December 19, 2012

Dress: $1 Goodwill
Bolero: $1 Goodwill, refashioned
I don’t know

I saw The Nutcracker for the first time and enjoyed it, except for the interminable scenes featuring children. My friend said that the productions she has seen before didn’t have quite as much time focused on kids, although they’re always a part of it. I felt like I had accidentally purchased tickets for a K-6 recital, albeit one with a professional symphony. When the actual members of Ballet Arizona were on stage it was delightful, beautiful, and inspiring.

bolero after  1

bolero beforeI bought the black shirt at Goodwill on my way home from work. I was picturing a shrug or bolero of sorts, something to provide arm coverage and a bit of warmth over the long slip dress, and it worked out perfectly with scissors, no sewing required.

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All, like, fancy or whatever

What I Wore to Work Today: September 12, 2012
Dress: Goodwill, 50% off Saturday, new
Belt: Xi, came with a blouse
Shoes: Payless

I received at least 6 compliments this day, plus one peevish “Look at you, being all, like, fancy or whatever”.

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Totally reasonable

What I Wore to Work Today: Monday, June 11, 2012
Shirt: Goodwill, half-off Saturday
Skirt: Goodwill, shortened
Shoes: Target

I went to 50% off day at Goodwill with my primary shopping friend last week. She is spending a month in Israel and needed a couple pieces of clothing to wear when visiting the orthodox neighborhoods (calf-length-or-longer skirts, shirts that covered her elbows and her collarbone). She found what she needed and I came across this shirt discarded in the pants section. It delighted me.

“Um, ok…” she said when she came back to see me buttoning it over my tshirt in front of the mirror.

“I think I can make it my size without any trouble. It will be a great shirt when it’s like this,” I gestured as I gathered the fabric in one hand behind my back.

“I should believe you by now, I don’t know how you do it but you’re right, I’m sure that will end up being a totally reasonable thing to wear.”

“…to the office! A totally reasonable thing to wear on the weekend and to the office!” I added.

“Um. Well. Ok.  I’m glad you like it, anyway”.

Who’s wearing it to the office now??

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Fashion, c. 1585

What I Wore to Work Today: May 24, 2012
Blouse: Xi, new
Skirt: Goodwill, shortened
Shoes: Target
Glasses: Lenscrafters, Tory Burch

I browsed through a few stores while waiting for my new glasses to be ready. This sea foam green chiffony blouse with little pink flowers called to me. The ruffled detail at the top reminded me of an Elizabethan ruff, and yet I still wanted it. The bottom of the blouse is elastic and made the shirt pouf out in an unflattering manner, and yet I still wanted it. I said, “Ok, I’ll buy if it’s $13 or under”, and when it was $15 I still wanted it.

I decided to stop wasting time debating and I never looked back.

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Retired from public service

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Dress: $1 Goodwill, refashioned
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target

I’ve only worn this dress a few times and I remember it being a bit longer and of a weightier material. It’s retiring from professional life to spend more time with its family, pursue its interest in golf and oil painting, and finally go on that sailing trip in the Virgin Islands that it was always saying was a dream for “one day”.

I dropped a file in my cubicle.  I crouched down to reach it and as I stood up the corner of the folder caught the bottom of my dress, lifting it as I stood. Due to the lightweight material, it took me half a second to realize that my skirt wasn’t resting against my legs anymore.  Because it was caught on the file. Which I was holding at hip level.

It was one of those dreams where you show up to the important meeting and you’re naked, or you can’t get into the classroom because for some godforsaken reason you’re not wearing pants.  It was like that, except in real life, with the blessing of nobody walking past my cubicle, or anybody did see me from afar during that instant of professional revelation they’ve been polite enough to never look me in the eye again. Now let us never speak of this and move on.


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Party like it’s 1993

I attended a grunge theme party a couple weeks where we partied like it was 1993.  It was outdoors on one of the coldest nights we’d had this season (maybe 40 degrees?  Brrr!) which worked with the layering, although hid the awesome long-sleeve waffle shirt borrowed from a friend that I was wearing underneath my dress.  Very ’90s, I tell you.  I went to Target a few days later and they were selling thermal shirts right next to plaid flannel.  I guess people in my age group are nostalgic for the ’90s fashion of our youth, or at least the fashion of the cool people from our youth — I didn’t quite hit the mark at the time.  True example: in 8th grade I owned a pinkish-purple plaid flannel that I wore tucked into jeans.

I bought a floral dress at Goodwill that I shortened and tailored to my size, and since I’m considering this whole wearing-dresses-not-just-as-costumes thing I’m going to do something about the flutter sleeves and try wearing it In Real Life.  In fact, my grunge party outfit wouldn’t cause passersby to whisper, “Hey, check out that costume, where do you think she’s going?”

Jacket, dress, boots: Goodwill
Hoodie: I don’t remember
Waffle shirt underneath: Borrowed from a friend
Fishnets: I don’t remember
Lipstick: Wet N Wild from Albertsons

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Watercolor floral knee-length skirt

watercolor purple skirt - front

Here’s my first attempt at a new skirt pattern.  For some reason I started with a slick purple watercolor floral fabric rather than an easier (cheaper) basic cotton.  I screwed up the zipper and should add some kind of waistband or at least waist finishing, and I think it’s still wearable, perhaps for work as pictured.  I had to make it smaller once I had sewed it, because apparently my measurements don’t actually correspond to the size on the pattern that it says they should.  I also cut off six inches from the bottom for a better proportion.  As you can see from the difference in length between the front and the back, I failed to account for the shapeliness of my hindquarters and will need to adjust the hem in the front to make it even.  (Working on my posture could help too.)  My rear has certainly become curvier since I started CrossFit coming up on a year ago, in a way I do not find entirely unpleasant.

watercolor purple skirt - side

I turned scraps from the fabric into a set of cards.  I still have at least two yards of the material left, which I will turn into something awesome as I gain sewing skills.  While the gentleman of the house says it’s granny fabric — “Face it, you like old lady things just like this big flowery material.  Old lady, I say!” — I think it’s beautiful.  (“Old ladies can be beautiful, and like beautiful things!”)

watercolor purple cards

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Homemade cloth napkins

A month or two ago I made these floral napkins using clearance $2/yd fabric from Joann.  My plan is to make a set of 8, each with its own combination of patterns.  I like the futzy florals, I think because they remind me of a set of teacups I would admire in a glass-front china cabinet in my grandparents’ dining room when I was a little girl.  That tea set colleciton is now mine, carefully packed in a box somewhere in my sewing room.  After I have completed the Great Space Cleanup of 2009 and finished the set of floral napkins, I will have a tea party and think of my maternal grandmother.

Homemade napkins

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