Clothing Vulture

What I Wore to Work Today: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Shirt: My friend’s closet
Skirt: Goodwill, refashioned
Belt: Ross, came with a dress
Shoes: Payless

I periodically help one friend clean out her wardrobe. I enjoy the sense of cleansing and relief, she enjoys the organization and free assistance.

This particular button-down shirt has been in my sights for a few years now. It has tiny metallic threads running through it and a belt of the same fabric (which I’m not using in the picture). During each purge I’d hold it up and say, “What about this, I’ve never seen you wear it…” She would try it on, realize it looked nice, and put it back into the closet where it would hang, unworn, until our next cleanout.

This time she relented and admitted it should go in the giveaway pile because she simply wasn’t going to wear it. I swooped in on the shirt-carrion like a vulture. An eager, delighted vulture.

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Candy & scraps giveaway winners

Sarah, Jackie, and Amy Lee, you’re all winners!  You all get fabric scraps and maybe some candy too! Good work, you! If I don’t have it already, please send me a mailing address:

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Day brightener from the Sewing Dork

A couple weeks ago I mentioned in a comment on The Sewing Dork’s blog that I hoped to win her giveaway because I needed a pick-me-up during what’s shaping up to be the worst period in a long time. (Note: My own giveaway prizes have been sitting on the counter since last month and any day now I’ll pull myself together and name some winners and mail out packages. It’s not dead, just taking its time.)  She contacted me directly to ask for my address, and look what just showed up!  She sent me a small package to brighten my day, from Canada no less, each part wrapped in copies of old patterns and tied with twine.  It was a sweet surprise and I maybe got choked up a little down by the mailboxes.  I might be a little teary while typing this too. So generous, so thoughtful.  Thank you.

It’s a vintage pattern, lacy seam binding, and “100% Handmade” gift tags.

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4 years & 500 posts! Giveaway

Well what do you know, this blog is turning four years old and just passed 500 posts.  I’ve noticed other blogs have giveaways to celebrate anniversaries and milestone posts, so let’s have it.  There are two prizes which might or might not appeal to you.  And of course everybody likes receiving mail!

1.  A 1 pound bag of Starbursts, Skittles, or M&Ms, your choice.

2.  A gallon ziptop bag stuffed full of fabric scraps.

To enter: Leave a comment with your prize preference — leave two comments if you want both, one for each prize.  I’ll have two separate drawings and it’s theoretically possible you could win fabric scraps and candy.  I’ll draw the winners after I return from camping this weekend.

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I’m a Winner!

I won the Confessions of a Sewing Dork contest, thanks to the two pound bag of croutons sitting on my mantle for 18 months.  I wrapped them up in pretty paper and gave them to a friend as Hanukkah gift #8.  My prize came in the mail a few weeks ago and it was a sweet surprise to see a real package in my mailbox when I got home from work.  The loot includes red piping trim, pre-cut squares, buttons, a pattern, and a piece of fabric in an astounding chartreuse color that just isn’t done justice in the picture.  Thank you!

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Goodwill Finds and 2 Giveaways

Goodwill jumpsuits

I pressed Publish on a witty enjoyable post and something went wrong.  I don’t want to write it all again, so look at that picture of two polyester jumpsuits from Goodwill, still with their original new tags on them, and imagine a humorous conversation between me and a friend who disagreed with my decision to buy them for $3 each.

I entered two giveaways on blogs I regularly read.  First, Megan Nielsen is giving away a beautiful green dress she made — yes, an entire handmade shantung dress.  Second, Brown Paper Packages has a 100th Post commemoration giveaway of lots of flannel scraps, also very cool.  Sometimes I skip giveaways because the chances of winning can be small and the prizes are sometimes not up my alley — what would I do with a felted wool crochet owl knick-knack?  These are both things I would really like and oh boy oh boy do I hope I win.

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Possible future giveaway

rae gun ramblings japanese fabric giveaway I’ve noticed that some rather popular sewing, quilting, and craft blogs do the occasional giveaway, when people get  to possibly win a box full of fabric scraps or a handmade apron simply by commenting on the post or linking to the blog.  For example, rae gun ramblings has a currrent giveaway for some Japanese fabric.  I think the appeal is the hoped-for thrill of winning and the delight in getting a package in the mail.  Everybody loves getting personal mail, especially if it’s something pretty.

So I was thinking that maybe sometime I could do my very own giveaway of something way totally awesome, so that somebody who reads and comments could get something way totally awesome in the mail.  Yes, that probably means it would be you, Mom.  Would anybody else be interested?

Tonight I’ll finish piecing the baby quilt.  If that takes less time than expected then I’ll turn a red skirt into an apron.  I love aprons!  Here’s one that I made for an apron swap by Yarni Gras! last fall.  It’s my standard fully-reversible option I’ve developed since first learning the basics from the great lululollylegs tutorial.  The theme was Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas — luckily I didn’t have to be a literal Mama to take part — and my partner’s favorite beverage was hot chocolate.  Coincidentally, check out the pictures she just posted on her blog of her astounding sewing space that absolutely does not need to participate in the Great Space Clean-Up of 2009.

Hot Chocolate apron - front Hot chocolate apron - back

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