Repainted dining set



Between Christmas and New Year’s I finally repainted the table and chairs I bought from a friend last summer.  I waited until it wasn’t summer, both because it’s uncomfortable to paint outside when it’s so hot and also because it’s actually beyond the temperature range listed on the paint cans.  I was worried the semi-gloss wall paint wouldn’t stick to the white plastic parts and it didn’t seem to be an issue after I used a clear primer spray paint first.  In regular real life light, the table is a light gray with a blue-ish tinge, and the chairs are a dark gray with a slightly purplish tone.  I didn’t realize all the different tones of gray until I went to Lowe’s and tried to match the colors to two paint samples in a brand they didn’t carry.  Orangey gray and purplish gray aren’t at all the same, for example.

On New Year’s Day I was outside finishing up the table in my backyard, wearing jeans, flip-flops, and a bikini top while enjoying the sun, even getting a little sweaty in the 72 degree air.  My hometown in Minnesota would experience -28F a few days later.

I also painted a small waist-high cabinet a friend gave me that she was going to throw away.  I did this one the real way, actually taking off the knobs before painting rather than just dabbing paint around the handle and getting small bits of paint on the metal.  (It’s outside drying, waiting to be put back together.)  We use this cabinet next to the kitchen door leading to the garage to hold baskets of keys and wallets on top and kitchen towels, napkins, and all my aprons inside.

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