Quick Jewelry Display Board

I’m having a swap party tomorrow and I wanted a way to display jewelry.  Five or six friends are coming over with clothing, shoes, and accessories they no longer wear and will get to go home with an assortment of new (used) stuff to enjoy.  It’s basically a garage sale where everything is free, and you get to drink wine  while examining the wares.  We’re all close enough in size that shirts should be fairly interchangeable, and there will multiple people with the same size pants too so it should be fun.  I’ll provide multiple full-length mirrors, several rooms available for changing, and snacks and drinks.  We’ll probably listen to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” at some point, and when somebody honestly asks “Do these pants make my butt look fat?” the universe will collapse in on itself while “Sex and the City” spontaneously starts playing on all electronics in the house.

I made a display board for jewelry using pieces of corrugated cardboard, scraps of batting, a piece of pretty fabric, and tape.

I was going to use staples and the stapler was empty, and then when I ran out of packing tape I used a lot of weensy dollar-store brand Scotch tape.  I stretched the batting around the taped-together cardboard pieces, anchoring it on the back side with as much tape as necessary.  (Hint: a lot.)  Then I did the same thing with the fabric.

A thin piece of pink ribbon to hang earrings is taped around the back and anchored on the front with pushpins.  I hung it on the wall using a long piece of wider ribbon and push pins.  The necklaces and earrings are hanging on straight sewing pins.  I’ll probably use a slightly less temporary-looking version after the party to hold my small collection of jewelry in the bathroom.

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