Jewelry display frame

I made a jewelry frame to hold my small collection of earrings and necklaces in the bathroom, using a project from One-Yard Wonders as inspiration.  Oh, I just realized I should have taken a Before picture of my jewelry to show the improvement.  It used to be a piece of ribbon stuck to the wall with thumbtacks in assorted colors, and before that they usually just lay in a pile on the counter.

I bought a white frame for $1.50 at the Goodwill 50% Off Saturday yesterday then painted it the same color I did the dining chairs last month.  I removed the glass, then covered the mat with a layer of batting and simple sea foam green fabric (the same as the back of napkins I made a couple weeks ago) using the same technique as my quickie swap party jewelry board.

Any suggestions on how to reuse the glass I removed from the frame?

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