Hawaiian shirt to clutch refashion


Several months ago an acquaintance-friend sent me a facebook message saying this was weird, but he knew that I do that refashioning thing and he had some bright Hawaiian shirts he was getting rid of and did I want them? Yes, yes I did. I asked him to select the two brightest and I’d pick them up at his new place the next time he and his roommates had a party.

I turned the first one, a bright orangey-red paisley print, into a clutch.

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Purple polka-dot and green paisley apron

Here’s an apron I made last November for a friend.  She commissioned an apron and I ended up giving it to her as a gift  instead of taking her money.  As usual it’s reversible.  The paisley fabric was included in a Crazy Mom Quilts quilt last winter, and it was fun to recognize the material.  AmandaJean makes amazing quilt after amazing quilt, and seeing that she chose the same fabric I did was reflected validation.

Purple polka-dot and green paisley

Purple polka-dot and green paisley apron

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