Picnic blanket quilt

Picnic basket quilt - August 09

My department at work put together a gourmet picnic basket for the annual community support campaign online auction.  The teams from our business center whose contributions get the highest bids in three different retail value categories will win 2 hours of vacation time.  (I’m entered in two categories because of Tetris Quilt 2.0 and this gift basket.)  I made the picnic blanket quilt, took the pictures, and wrote the description in faux-catalog language, in an apparently distinctive-enough manner so that when another employee read it she called me laughing and said, “Did you write the description?  Your voice is so obvious!”  I added the dinosaur napkins and Snack Pack puddings, too, which most people seemed to think was a lighthearted touch, although I’m pretty sure the team leader on the project thought it detracted from the Expensive Gourmet angle he was hoping for.  There have been 10 bids so far, up to $100.

Picnic basket - August 09

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