What I Wore to Work in June


What I Wore to Work Today: June 29, 2015
Top, skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

Look at those beautiful green basil plants, early in the summer before they died. Those were the days.


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Before & After: Ivy RIP

ivy before


ivy after sad face

After     😦     😦     😦

The night before the movers came I dropped off all my plants at my new house, leaving them near the front porch area on the east side of the house. The plants came from the dining room, the balcony patio, and by the front door of the apartment. By the time we showed up at the house mid-afternoon the next day most of the plants were sunburned and dying, even the ones that had been living outside in the heat all summer.

I don’t know yet how much of the two large plants from my dining room will survive. They might have healthy bits at the base to start growing again after I trim yards and yards of dead vines. It was not the triumphant moving experience I anticipated.

ivy in between

between the Before and After: it spent a year not growing

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Before and After: Balcony Plants

In 2013 there was a single Lack Ikea table on my balcony with a spider plant that I had transplanted into a slightly bigger pot that basil was sold in and is not meant to be permanent. I don’t see any pictures of the original almost-dead little spider plant that I saw on the Lowe’s clearance shelf and said “I can save you!” The balcony also had a pack of lettuce that failed to grow and a big planter of dirt.

balcony before (spider plant before)  balcony plants

Two years later that spider plant has outgrown its actually-a-pot-this-time and would like another one, and the round planter has two basil plants that are doing ok. The Lack table is at the bottom of a pile of plants and shelves.

The balcony has assorted tables, shelves, and chairs. It has a hummingbird feeder, a seed bird feeder, and a bird bath. Some of the plants are thriving and others will get a chance at a better life at my new house soon.balcony plants cornerbalcony plants bird feeders

balcony plants low pots

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Before and After: Front Door Planter

There are multiple sets of photos on my computer taken over the years with the plan to post Before & Afters. I’m moving to a house in a week and there won’t be many Afters for these. As I like to say, some problems resolve themselves if you wait long enough.

Before pictures on the left, After pictures on the right.

door planter before side viewdoor planter after side view

The ponytail plant didn’t make it so I bought a spiky $1.50 plant on a whim. It thrived even through a summer so I bought another when it appeared on the left-for-dead clearance shelf. The bit of white showing through between the plants is a seashell from my childhood. I had a shell collection as a kid and it’s the last one I’ve kept.

door planter beforedoor planter after

On a less successful note, the sweet little ivy plant is not growing well in the planter and it hasn’t exactly died either. Yet?

ivy before ivy after

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Garden envy


What I Wore to Work Today: May 21, 2015

Blouse: Target
Pants: Limited
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

The bulbs are alive and growing! Still no sign of flowers, though, just leaves. Also, the marigolds in the pots on the other side of me definitely don’t make it, in this picture you can already see they’re on the way out. My balcony only gets about an hour of direct sunlight in the morning, which has made it harder to grow all those flowers that I imprinted on from my childhood gardens: marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos. Every summer I planted seeds in our Colorado garden and they turned into flowers. (Or they did it one summer and my brain overwrote the memories so I remember it as every time.)

The summer before 5th grade we moved to Minnesota and my mom created a smaller garden, mostly vegetables. (Over the years her gardening changed to flowers and decoratives with lots of perennials.) I planted lettuce seeds every year and I loved the tomato plants my mother planted. Every spring it looked like way too much space between the tomato sproutlings and pumpkin seeds and every August the garden was one giant jungle of intertwined plants and vines.

Sometimes I wonder how long I’ll live in this desert on the surface of the sun. I follow a couple gardens online, primarily this one in Vermont and this massive one in Indiana, and I think about what it would be like if I had a garden, from a single bed to a 30’x30′ backyard. Realistically, would I have the motivation to put in the necessary work and hours every single week? How much time is it, really? What would I grow?

One of these days I’ll take pictures of my balcony and plants. Basil is the only edible I’ve been able to grow so far, the tomatoes and lettuce and other herbs don’t make it. Most of the flowers die too, except for one hardy impatiens that survived last summer and has been blooming continually ever since. The spider plants are thriving. A bougainvillea has come back from the dead multiple times, saved only by my laziness. “Shoot, it’s dead. I’ll take it out to the dumpster another time. [four days later] Huh look at that, little leaf buds, I’ll be damned.”

2015_05_22 model-y

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Bulb shoots!

2015_05_11 toes turned in

What I Wore to Work Today: May 11, 2015
Top: Target, new
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless

Something is happening in the bulb pots! Look, a few little shoots!


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