What a fine weekend

2015_06_15 bent knee

What I Wore to Work Today: June 15, 2015
Blouse: Limited, new
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

This has been a top-notch weekend. Friday started with a 15-second commute to my couch, where I logged in remotely. My inbox had a message from the Pride diversity group about the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling and I said out loud to my dog “Oh wow awesome!” After doing a few work things I woke up my boyfriend saying “Hey guess what the Supreme Court issued their ruling striking down gay marriage bans, it was a 5-4 decision.” He agreed it was fantastic news and then I let him go back to sleep while I returned to work.

Friday night I went to a cool bar in Phoenix with friends to hear my brother mix music.

Saturday afternoon I went to the eye doctor for the first time in 3 years. As I suspected, my left eye prescription has clicked up a few notches plus added astigmatism. The left toric contact lens wasn’t settling in correctly while at the office — it has different strengths across different parts of the lens, so if it’s not oriented correctly on the eyeball then vision isn’t clear. There’s a tiny weight difference at the bottom acting as ballast to help it reorient with each blink. We agreed I should try the pair for a few days and return for a follow-up if it wasn’t working. Within an hour my vision had cleared; it felt like the lens had molded to my eyeball shape or rotated over time and was now correctly placed. Today the left contact started blurry and settled within a few minutes of putting it in. I can return to using contacts again!

I’m also buying new glasses, and replacing the left lens in my existing frames. Right now my primary glasses get 90% of the work, even though I have two other pairs. If they all get current prescriptions and the arms of one pair are adjusted to fit better, I will have a whole wardrobe of vision correction options!

Saturday night I went to a show at my improv theater. I rarely see shows anymore when I’m not playing in them or working the bar and it was neat to be a regular audience member. (Well, not quite regular, I sat in the back row and didn’t shout out any suggestions.) I was wearing a drapey black v-neck, skinny jeans, black pumps, earrings, my hair pulled up, and even a little bit of makeup. I received a number of comments on my shoes (“oooh hot heels”) and my appearance in general (“Look at you, do you have a date? You look great!”). They’re used to seeing me in my relaxed theater clothes, like casual jeans and tshirts at rehearsal and the unflattering uniform at shows, and always sneakers.

Today I’m posting blog stuff (hello!), putting away dishes, vacuuming (love my new vacuum!), sewing, and doing a bit of office work while watching America’s Next Top Model cycle 12. I just found a couple new-to-me seasons on Hulu and I’m blasting through them before I cancel my HuluPlus account.

Overall: what a fine weekend indeed.

2015_06_15 smiling

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I lost my trousers

2015_06_08 hands on hips

What I Wore to Work Today: June 8, 2015
Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Ann Taylor, new
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

This skirt isn’t actually new, it’s just the first time I’ve worn it. I bought it during a Black Friday 50% off everything sale last November that included their Select Suiting, which is often excluded from sales. I bought a jacket, skirt, and pants. I haven’t worn the suit as a whole yet, I don’t think. I finally wore the skirt here, I’ve worn the jacket a few times, and the trousers were in my regular rotation until I recently misplaced them. I regret that there isn’t a fun story to explain how I lost my pants. Instead, they’re just set aside somewhere for me to hand wash and I can’t remember where I put them. The reward for finding them is doing some laundry by hand so I haven’t looked very hard yet.

The label says dry clean and I say no thanks let’s see what happens during a gentle hand wash, especially because I recently learned that suit pieces should all be dry cleaned together to maintain uniform color and wear, which would add up for three pieces. Will the pants survive? Oh, the suspense!2015_06_08

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Madam Secretary


What I Wore to Work Today: June 2, 2015
Linen tshirt: Ann Taylor, new
Skirt: Ann Taylor, new
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Target

I volunteered to join the board of my quilt guild chapter for 2015-2016 and my first meeting is this evening. We’re still trying to get volunteers for several other positions, including vice president, who is supposed to become president the following year. I considered it and decided I would be better trying secretary first, as a newer member, before stepping into a big leadership role. I might still do it if we can’t get anybody to volunteer.

The two year commitment is big, though, I can’t say for sure I’ll be here two more years. I don’t have any specific plans to go anywhere, and I still get a little shifty at the thought of committing to that.

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Dinosaur Comics


What I Wore to Work Today: May 29, 2015
Shirt: Levi’s outlet store, new
Jeans: Target, hemmed
Shoes: Payless

I tripped on a pot, knocked it over, and almost fell. Whoops. It reminded me of Dinosaur Comics, one of the first internet comics I started following years ago.

2015_05_29 dinosaur comics

2015_05_29 picking up pot

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Internet-free evenings


What I Wore to Work Today: May 26, 2015
Cardigan: Target                  Blouse: Target
Skirt: Ann Taylor, new          Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless                    Necklace: Target

A few nights in a row this week I did not use my computer at home. I read a book, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. I’m re-reading the Lost Chronicles trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, enjoying my return to the Weis/Hickman Dragonlance novels that comes around every few years. It feels comfortable and refreshing.

I did chores. I went to bed early (before midnight!) one night. I played in two improv shows last night, both of which were great.

I am reminded once again that I feel better and get more done and generally have a better overall experience when I have more computer- and internet-free time at home, and the only way I can do make that happen is to not open my laptop at all. “Just to get Songza going for some music” or “I’ll pull up Hulu to watch something while I do dishes…” is not feasible in practice. Abstinence is the only successful course for me, moderation doesn’t work.

2015_05_26 adjusting glasses

2015_05_26 hands on hips

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Situational Self Leadership

2015_05_20 hands in back pockets

What I Wore to a Seminar Today: May 20, 2015
Blouse: Xi?
Pants: Limited, new
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

Last month I attended a training seminar called Situational Self Leadership. The model was developed by the Ken Blanchard Companies, and my firm has licensed or purchased or contracted to present the materials in internal classes. It clicked for me and I’m already incorporating the model in my daily work and general development plans.

An individual can be assessed for each task, objective, or skill on two axes, competency and commitment.Competency includes the specific knowledge required for the goal plus transferable skills, while commitment is the combination of motivation and confidence. The four quadrants correspond to each step, D1-D4. Each dimension has a corresponding leadership style from a manager or leader: low competency needs high direction and low commitment needs high support. A mismatch between the individual’s current level and their approach or their leaders’ can hinder results, decrease engagement, and cause negative experiences.

Enthusiastic Beginner: Low Competence, High Commitment
Disillusioned Learner: Low-to-Some Competence, Low Commitment
Capable but Cautious Performer: Mid-to-High Competence, Variable Commitment
Self-Reliant Achiever: High Competence, High Commitment


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Bulb shoots!

2015_05_11 toes turned in

What I Wore to Work Today: May 11, 2015
Top: Target, new
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless

Something is happening in the bulb pots! Look, a few little shoots!


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Whiter in pictures

2015_05_06 hand on hip 2015_05_06 hands on the wallWhat I Wore to Work Today: May 6, 2015
Tshirt: Target
Skirt: Ann Taylor, new
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless

This skirt washed out in the picture, appearing whiter than it does in regular normal life. Just like my skin, haha! Just kidding, my skin is in fact that white.

tweed skirt closeup

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Saturday Styles

2015_04_25 saturday

What I Wore on the Weekend: April 25, 2015
Tshirt: Target
Shorts: Old Navy, new
Sandals: Target / Sneakers: Payless

At some point it would make sense to create a new category and tag to accommodate the What I Wore Not at Work posts. It sure would make sense.

I started Saturday with my hair down and sandals as I went out in public to do things like, I dunno, get lunch or buy stuff at Target. Later I was on my feet in the kitchen cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning so I switched to comfortable running shoes and put my hair in a ponytail. I always pull my hair back when cooking.

2015_04_25 saturday sneakers

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Jury is still out


What I Wore to Work Today: April 21, 2015
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Claire’s
Belt: Target

One of my online shopping expeditions this year was close to the free shipping amount. I found this top in the clearance section – I could buy it and get free shipping, or not buy it and pay the same total cost. So I bought it and have worn it twice. The jury is still out.

I was on a jury once a couple autumns ago. The trial was going to be for six weeks with charges including felony murder, which is when you’re committing a felony and somebody dies and you can be charged for the death. For example, you are participating in armed robbery and kidnapping and some stuff goes down and people end up dead. Even if you didn’t fire the weapon that killed somebody, your felonies surrounding the death support a felony murder charge.

On the first day of the trial, after a few days of jury selection, 16 of us sat in the jury recess room. After waiting for an extra hour, we filed into the jury box. The judge thanked us for our service, said the state and the defendant had agreed to a plea, and we were dismissed. We filed back to the jury room, where the lead attorneys for each side came back to give us more information about the case that wasn’t going to trial after all. The defense was going to argue that their client was there to buy the drugs fair and square and was unaware that his associates were planning a robbery. The prosecution was going to argue that obviously he wasn’t planning to pay based on the little cash and lots of weapons he brought with him and other factors. Most witnesses were not cooperating and at least one of the injured men was killed in a different drug-related robbery a couple months after this one.

2015_04_21 looking away

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