Hanukkah gift quilt

This was the 4th year giving one of my friends 8 Hanukkah presents, one for each day.  Previously they’d been mostly gag gifts, like multiple Nick Lachey buttons and old Halloween candy, and this year they were all items of a more genuine nature.  The finale was a quilt to go with her newly upgraded room, in her colors of white, black, and yellow.  The first gift was a set of yellow curtains, which I wrapped up as a present even though I was with her when she bought the material at Ikea and I said I’d hem them for her.

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Stack o’ baby quilts: Maggie’s Place #4

I have three lovely baby quilts resting on a chair in my living room, waiting for delivery.  (Ha, delivery, get it?  Delivery of baby quilts!)  Two are for women at Maggie’s Place, an organization that provides housing, resources, and support for women who are pregnant and often homeless.  I have trouble with their value “Protecting the life of the born and unborn child and providing options for women that choose to give life” because of the “unborn child” and “give life” parts — I firmly believe in the rights of all women to make decisions regarding their bodies, their lives, and their medical procedures, including abortion.  So for now I focus on the options for women who have already chosen, and hope that they truly had a choice.

I designed the quilts for the specific recipients’ preferences.  One problem: their babies were due in December 2009 and January 2010.  Um, yeah, not such a great job there, self.  The alumni coordinator has contact info for one of the mothers and the other has lost touch, so unfortunately she won’t receive her quilt with brown, blue, yellow, and baby prints as requested.  Somebody else will get it, though, somebody who hopefully likes the same things and will squeal with delight when she sees the baby duckies on the soft flannel back because I guess some people are into that kind of cutesy thing.

I’ll do better next time.  I can’t change the past, I can only change my actions in the present and decisions in the future using the knowledge I’ve gained from my mistakes in the past.  This message brought to you by regret, hope, the number 2, and the letter B.

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Purple & Yellow Baby Quilt

This is a baby quilt I finished just in time for a colleague’s baby shower.  Half of the pictures are taken at night indoors and the others are in the morning sunlight before I left for work.  I quilted double lines on either side of each seam and bound it with a yellow-on-yellow stripe.  I forgot to measure it, although it’s probably about 36″ x 55″.

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Baby quilt for a colleague

A coworker just had a baby and I finally finished putting on the binding today — one of these times I’ll deliver the quilt before the baby comes.  I’m not sure how much time he’s going to take off work, it might be a couple months before he comes back in and I can give it to him.  The binding took 5 episodes of “Mad Men” and one of “Bones”, I think.  I was sewing only one needle’s worth of thread at a time, though, so if I worked the whole episode I would have finished sooner.

The back is a soft dinosaur flannel.  I quilted straight lines in the seams and double lines perpendicular to the stripes, plus some double lines on the diagonal as well.  It’s time to buy myself a walking foot for my sewing machine.

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Gray & blue baby quilt

Months ago I started a quilt for my cousin, whose baby was due in February, with extra blue and gray strips that I didn’t end up using for another baby quilt.  I had the top pieced, sandwiched, and quilted by the end of January.  All it needed was a binding — the first time I was going to actually do a binding — and then it was February and I was working on the Organizing Junkie’s Challenge, and I realized that sewing and committing to the challenge at odds with one another.  Baby Caiden was born on February 11, at which point the need for speed had passed and the quilt continued to sit for weeks.  I added the binding a couple weeks ago and because I haven’t mailed it yet it’s making the move with me this weekend, and then, yes and then I will finally mail it, 2 1/2 months after the baby’s birth.

I move into my new apartment on Saturday.  I wonder what I’ll use to hold up my quilts for pictures, this cement wall in my back yard has done a fine job for me.  I’ll keep doing these quick and easy stripey quilts for awhile, I like them.

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Blue & Green Stripe Quilt Pictures

I delivered the quilt to its owner on Friday, then used it myself while watching “(500) Days of Summer”.  He posted the couch picture to Facebook and it does look nice with the greens in his living room.

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for awhile, and it’s because I’ve been doing some stuff and whatnot.  I’ll  pick things back up heading into next month.  I’ll have a variety of things to post about as I furnish and decorate my new apartment (note “my”, not “our”), which I’ll be moving into hopefully May 1.  So, yeah, some changes around here.  A temporary blog hiatus, and then I’ll be back.

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Halloween Fabric Cards

Halloween cards

I spent several hours this afternoon making fabric scrap cards.  My original inspiration was from Crazy Mom Quilts who was in turn inspired by a book I have since purchased.  Something about the cards is so pleasing to me; this batch is mostly Halloweeny, and it’d be so easy to make them for any holiday or theme.  I made some earlier this summer in mostly greens and blues, and I expect to keep making more of many varieties, especially when I’m procrastinating like I was today.  I went into my sewing room with the thought to work for a couple hours on cleaning and organizing or cutting out fabric for the next baby quilt, so of course I made fabric scrap cards instead.  I did want to make a few for a swap package I’m mailing off tomorrow, and I did pick up a few pieces of material from the floor to turn into cards, so while the net effect was still towards mess I did get to feel a little bit productive.  And hey, it’s not even 8 pm, there’s still time.

Update: Ok, so now I have 6 more cards and the room isn’t any cleaner.  It’s only 8:30, there’s still time…

Update 2: Added a picture of some of the Halloween cards.

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Fabric scrap cards

Here are the cards I made after seeing the ones on Crazy Mom Quilts.  The scraps are from a Mother’s Day quilt I made for my mom and a baby quilt for a friend.  The pink floral is from a shirt my grandmother used to wear (she died in spring 2007, and I used pieces of her clothing in the quilts I made for my mom and aunt).  The oranges are from a couple apron swaps last fall.

Fabric scrap cards

Update: To make them, I sew strips of fabric to a piece of paper then attached the paper to the front of a card with double-sided tape along the edges.   I sewed right-sides-together then pressed open each addition, chain piecing four or five cards at a time so I didn’t have to constantly start and stop the machine.  My scraps were various lengths, which I cut even to the paper after they were all added.  I’ve seen others who sewed directly to the card and left the raw fabric edges visible, and versions with decorative stitching across the front.

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