Aunt Pitty Pat’s Halloween apron swap

I haven’t participated in an apron swap since St Patrick’s Day, when I received a lovely apron that I use on a regular basis (my partner correctly assessed from my blog that I’m “not a cutesy kind of woman” and made me a great, simple green apron that doesn’t scream Saint Patrick’s Day Check Out These Adorable Leprechauns and Clovers OMG Adorable With the Green Lace!).  I think it’s time for another swap, and I just came across Aunt Pitty Pat’s Halloween apron swap.  I’ll receive my partner assignment in a week, and aprons are due by mid-October.  For anybody who has considered signing up for a swap and hasn’t done so yet, I highly recommend it.  Now is the time!

Spooks & Rattles Apron Swap

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