Blue & green zigzag baby quilt

blue and green zigzag baby quilt

I haven’t been naming my quilts beyond descriptive terms (Tetris Quilt, Mother’s Day Quilt, Chickens, etc), maybe it’s time I start giving them names like actual pieces of art.  I finished the baby quilt for a coworker and I love it.  I know everybody always says they love whichever quilt they just completed, and it’s true.  I actually quilted this one, too, rather than tying it, doing stitch-in-the-ditch along the edges of the zigzag stripes.  It went really well.  The backing is a soft dinosaur print flannel.  Maybe next time I’ll even add a real binding!blue and green zigzag baby quilt - fabrics

If I could do something differently I wouldn’t add the darkest blue stripe.  My original plan was about 6 stripes longer and had another dark blue one, and when I realized the proportions would be all skewed unless I made it a lot wider also, I ended up with just the one dark stripe.  The colors in the picture aren’t exactly true-to-life, I couldn’t take a picture in natural lighting because I finished it at 10 p.m.  I considered waiting to wrap it until tomorrow morning so that I could take some photos in the morning  before work — then I realized that mornings are hard enough on me as is and I shouldn’t add anything extra.  I also forgot to add a label before wrapping it up all pretty.  Next time…

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